David Pollack


I think...

I am a thinker. I think probably a little bit differently than others, but that makes almost no difference. I think a lot about what might not matter, and sometimes about abstract theories, i like to ponder outside the box a lot of the time. I talk to people about my thoughts and sometimes they are disregarded or shamed upon, but generally they are good weird thoughts that have some value.

Me in General

I am a calm, cool, and collected person.

The Sheep, A collections agent, an accountant. A nice person that is somewhat athletic and a little bit assertive. It kind of explains me, but only in the slightest. A thinker, the type of person that contemplates before actions.

Type of personality

Blue, this personality describes an emotion, well connected, well rounded persona. This is somebody who forms personal connnections. They often emote or present things in forms of feelings. We tend to clam up when we sense hostility or rudeness becoming present." Can we work it out", is a great quote for a blue. Things are very sentimental to a blue. A loving character in the class room. I am very considerate of others feelings.