Digital Economy


The "Free" Internet

How many times a day do you see Advertisements? Once? Twice? Or hundreds of times?

Advertisements are taking over our Digital Economy as we know it!

Advertisements are often seen in our social media accounts, on the television, on web-browsers, and even in the games we play!

But what would you do to block and Advertisement?

Have no fear! Ad. Blockers are here!

Ad. Blockers have taken the world by storm. There are now Ad. Blocker apps that you can download onto your phone or a device to block you form seeing any Ads at all! Ad. Blocking has grown exceptionally by 41% Globally, and 48% Nationally here in the United States.

But what does this mean for our Business Market?

Advertising is what makes up a Business' yearly Revenue (income of goods and services). Most companies are making between 70 to 90% of their yearly earnings through their Advertisements that we see.

By blocking the Ads. that business' put out on the market, the Ad. Blockers will initially make web browsers cleaner, faster, and more mobile-friendly.

But what is the downfall of seeing Ads. you ask?

Well, when you are using the ultimately, "Free" Internet, the price of that choice is surrendering your freedom to the exposure of Advertisements. For an example, when Facebook lets you become a "Free" user of its website, you are subject to seeing Advertisements or Sponsored Ads. in the games that you play. This is one of the many ways that can be seen as a business gaining Revenue from it's "products" (games) that it puts on the web. This is also why you can make "In-App" purchases as well.

Although a topic that has been approached to get rid of Advertisements has been mentioned before. This topic has mentioned that "Cryptocurrencies" (Digital Currency) should be allowed to enable "Micro-payments", and that users would initially be expected to pay a small fee for any article that they have read.

So next time you go to block an Advertisement just think, "Is this really doing any harm to me?"