Angela Jeftimova Period 2 5-16-16

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  • "Common seals often rest between feeding on rocky shores, or intertidal sandbanks known as 'haul-out' areas." (SIRIS Discoverer Common Seals)
  • They mostly are found near shore(SIRS Discoverer)


  • Seals are used to swim even when they were young.
  • They spend a lot of time by rocks
  • They also wiggle back ad forth ( SIRS Discovery )
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Body Covering

  • The seals covering is smooth, hairy, fluffy , furry
  • When they are born they either have no fur or a little
  • common seal have short hair (World Book online )
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  • The seals diet is "mostly fish".
  • The thing they could catch the most in the water. ( World Book Online )


  • It takes 9 months for a seal pup to be born
  • the reproduction either happens on land or in the water
  • they need to remember the offspring ( SIRS Discover )
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  • Seals have two home
  • By the sea
  • Cool patches of ice
  • Prime beach property ( Gale Research )

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