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Water Transport.

In the early days of the United States, as the country and population grew in size, the need for a efficient transport system that united the cities of the coast with the rich agricultural hinterland It became increasingly urgent.

The first significant progress in national transport was navigating the river by steamboat, whose Fulton and Livingston were pioneers in the Hudson River, and Henry Miller Shreve in Mississippi.

navigation Steam reduced by two thirds the time of a trip between New York and Albany.

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Bicycle Road Construction.

The horse was the main mode of personal transportation for centuries. Although maybe in retrospect it was a romantic way, the horse could be an uncomfortable companion. Manure became crowded city streets into avenues of mud, fly breeding and disease.

The horses ate 40 percent of the grain harvest US Bicycles began to replace horses

large numbers in the booming bicycle 1890s.

The nineteenth century had seen great changes in the modes of travel. Passenger trains carried a growing number of persons under the railways were expanding.

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