SHS Counselor's Monthly Newsletter

November 2020

Dear Sturgeon High School Families,

I am so happy to be back from Maternity Leave and doing what I love-being the school counselor at Sturgeon High School. I understand this time is full of transitions and unknown. But, I am excited to be able to share what the High School Counseling Department is doing each month, resources, and other announcements. I hope you find these monthly newsletters informative and helpful.

Mrs. Scholes

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Grade Level Information

Class of 2021

This month I have been meeting with Seniors individually to discuss post-secondary planning. Each student shares with me their plans for after high school, workforce options they are exploring, schools they have applied to, and programs they are interested in. I created an F.S.A. I.D. with each student and I have helped them begin their FAFSA. It is important that they complete their FAFSA at home. In addition to learning about Financial Aid, careers, and college/technical schools we are also discussing scholarships. Please see the scholarship button below to visit the Google Sheet of 2020-2021 Scholarships. Many scholarships open during second semester. I will share scholarships with your students in many different formats such as the Google Sheet, in-person, via email, etc. There are so many scholarships available that are not listed, so please feel free to research additional scholarships and opportunities. Many schools have scholarships specific to them and your students program of interest. Please encourage them to apply for many scholarships.

Speaking of Financial Aid-please see the button below for Financial Aid Handouts.

If your student took the ACT in the Fall at Sturgeon High School their score should be available to them through their ACT account. If your student has not received their ACT score, please reach out and I will be happy to go over that with you.

Following our individual meeting, I send out an email to the student and family covering the topics discussed and helpful links unique to your student and their interest. I encourage your student to take advantage of those resources.

If your student is needing additional help with academic and career planning, please let me know.

I will continue to meet with the Seniors as a group and for individual meetings during 2nd semester.

Financial Aid Handouts

Check-out the FAFSA Category on this page for handouts.

Class of 2022

The Juniors will take the ASVAB on December 4th. Please see the letter below for more information. I will email this letter out to students, as well. Please let me know if you have any questions. This assessment is a great way for students to learn more about their career interests.

Juniors will be taking the ACT in the Spring at Sturgeon High School. There will be more details in the future.

Class of 2023

The students met with Ms. Campbell as a class at the beginning of the year to go over A+ Status and Information, 10th grade Checklist, Missouri Connections, Credit Checks, and 10th Grade Interview Sheets. I encourage students to continue to use Missouri Connections.

Class of 2024

The students met with Ms. Campbell as a class at the beginning of the year to go over A+ Information, 9th grade Checklist, Missouri Connections, and 9th Grade Interview Sheets. I encourage students to continue to use Missouri Connections.

I am missing A+ documents from many students establishing that they are participating in the program. If you are unsure if your student is needing to return A+ documents, please reach out and I can let you know what I am missing.

A+ Tutors

2020-2021 A+ Tutors are working hard to log 50 hours of tutoring. During remote learning students are able to tutor siblings or family members they may be watching during remote learning to continue to log hours. Additionally, A+ Tutors are encouraged to contact their A+ Teacher to make a plan to join class zoom meetings to continue to help students as a way to log hours, too.

Quarter 1 Evaluations for tutors have been completed. Students are also turning in their A+ Monthly Tutoring Logs to my office.

Dual Credit Students

First semester dual credit classes are going strong!

Enrollment for 2nd semester dual credit classes with MACC will be on January 13, 2021. This will be held via zoom at the high school. I will send out enrollment papers to be completed in the future. Second Semester begins on January 12, 2021.

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