Essays 1º Bach

By: Andrés España Ruiz

What do you do before an exam?

Normally, before an exam I study very hard and I do many exercises at home to be well prepared and take good mark. If I have several exams the same day I study one week before and I always eat some chocolate before each exam because it helps me to concentrate.

Whay were you doing when Spain won the World Cup?

Spain won the World Cup on summer of 2010. At that time I was 11 years old. When the match was played I was on the beach, at my uncle´s house. All my family watched that match and I saw it with my friends and my cousins. The match was exciting as well as fun. As a result Spain won the World Cup. We enjoyed a lot that day.

Things that you haven´t done and you would like to do.

In my life I have done many fun and wonderful things with my family like go to the beach or go to the cinema but there are some things that I really would like to do in the future. The things I would want to do is skydiving, surfing, bungee jumping and to travel to London to see the Big Ben.

Best places to travel in Europe.

The best places in Europe to travel are Turkey, Prague, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Greece where you can stay in a hotel for a few weeks. You can also visit museums and famous places in each country or city. You can eat typical food and besides you can go to the beach. Sport is fun there too.

Wow will the world be in 2050?

In 2050 the world will have changed. there will be time machines, cars without petrol and people will have more bigger and modern houses because they will have more money. Regarding the weather, we will have more hot. Besides, scientists will have invent spacecrafts in witch we will visit extraterrestrial from other planets. I really think the world in a few years will be very spectacular.

If you had been born in a poor country, how would your live have been?

If I had been born in a poor country my life would not have been as good as I have now. I would have been in the middle of a war and maybe I would have lost my parents. It would have been a sad life, without toys, without technology, just trying to survive with the help of caring people. To summarize, I would have had a terrible life.

Can you explain the basic driving rules?

To drive correctly you must follow certain rules of traffic. You must follow the traffic signals; when the light is red you have not pass; you must learn to use the car lights for the night and especially on the highway you mustn´t exceed 120 km/h. If you repects these basic rules of circulation you will avoid traffic accidents.

Brief history of the Coloseum in Rome.

The Colosseum was an amphitheater of the Roman Empire, built in the first century, in Rome. It was used in the great fights of gladiators and for great historical events as hunting animals or wars between the Greeks. Actually the Colosseum is a tourist place in Rome that makes this city special.

What did your favourite singer say in his best song?

Melendi is my favourite singer. In his best song called "I Want to be Happy" he talks about the love that he has for a girl and he makes rhymes and metaphors in the song. He said that he loved this girl, that he always would be with her and that they would pass all their problems together.