Benjamin Kamp Rozilio

The mysterious and exiting life of being a Benja

Inspector Gadget (Drum Cover)


This is me!

My name is Benjamin. I'm 17 years old and I have a passion for a fantastic majestic almost magical thing: Music!

Music is like a direct reference to the soul and our feelings. Music can express feelings we are not good at showing.

- but also just... - who doesn't like a well-composed piece of music?

The different BENJA's

BENJA one:

My main interest is (as possibly noticed) playing music - especially playing the drums!

I have been playing the drums for 6 years now - and I absolutely love it!

After I have put together a small home music studio, I have been making drum covers and publishing them on Youtube.

A drum cover is when you take a song and play drums along with it. Maximum fun!

The best part is, you can play as crazy as you want, because the song isn't original anymore. But of course, you can still chose to follow the song just to confuse people less.

BENJA two:

Well yeah, I like music a lot, but I also do other things!

For the last two years my absolute favorite exercise has been the french urban sport Parkour, which is almost all about jumping around on roof tops and having fun with yourself and your parkour team mates! You use the town as your personal workout space.

BENJA three:

For quite a long time ago I bought a scooter because I wanted to skate, but skateboard wasn't exactly my style.

I use my scooter to do tricks on skate ramps in different skate parks around in Denmark. It's a lot of fun!

Unfortunately I don't really have any skate mates who are also skating on scooters - but hey, is has become very popular these days so the parks are full of boys on skate scooters. Then I'm just skating with them :-)

Places I would like to GO!

Well, I'm not any big traveller but I would really like to go to the famous Pink Floyd: The Wall concert. It is said to be a fantastic experience with some crazy special effects - not to mention the legendary music!
I have travelled to Greece one time in my life. It was in ninth grade with my class and we had a great time. The problem was that we never saw the island Santorini which I think was too bad because it is a very beautiful island with an extra ordinary position and interesting architecture.

My mom is an architect.

That is where I got that interest from :-)

My DREAM job!

When I have finished high school my plan is to go to the musical foundation course (MGK) and after that seek admission to the Aarhus academy of rhythmic music.

My dream job is to be able to live from playing my music. It would be amazing to have a famous band with the right people and then go on a world wide tour!!

b4 i take of dos 3shoes

The title above is not an english metaphor, but a danish :-)

(spelled quite wrong though...)

So what would I like to do before I kick the bucket? I guess we all got a long list of things that just have to be done - that includes me!

Here is three things from my list:

Benja out