Capitalist Economy

Economic System


My economy in metropolis is Capitalism and it benefits you because the government does not control plus its for you own profit motive.If you invent something you get rich from it, don't you want to be rich and live freely with no worries, Hakuna Mattata that's how we live,with no worries of how much we earn because its all up to your own actions to get rich


Based on supply and demand,you make your own company and you pay your worker per hour,minimum wage is 7.50 and the owners/individuals of the companies own the means of the money.There would be no government involve in this economy,its all based on individuality and freedom


*Some people may say that capitalism creates a huge gab between the rich and the poor but in fact it is the free will and work ethic of the people that creates wealth

*some say that we pay our workers little but actually we have a minimum wage but we actually pay more than we are supposed to because if i see my workers work hard i give them a bonus and anoylther bonus for working extra hours

Why Capitalism Works


My economy benefits everyone,your own will and work ethic makes you survive and you will create your own wealth to become filthy rich.Who doesn't want to be rich,if you join us i will 100% garuantee you will become rich