The True Power Of Walking

Barefoot (five fingers shoes) included for each session

9.30am on Wednesdays at the Bagnall Centre: we'll walk and guide you towards dynamic and functional health. All abilities welcome.

Join in the Foot Revolution with the Barefoot Audio duo - Helen Hall & Kirsty Wright

  • Did you know that of the 34 muscles in your lower leg, 2are able to work to their capacity when encased in a 'normal' shoe?
  • FLIP IT! Take those shoes off and access 34/34 working muscles, developing muscle strength & tone from the ground up.
  • Did you know that the quality of your posture influences each movement you make? Sub-optimal posture compromises circulation, increases joint stress & slows exercise recovery.
  • FLIP IT! Great posture optimises circulation, decreases joint stress & accelerates recovery from exercise.
  • Did you know that posture begins with the inner core? But what exactly does that mean?

WAKE UP those important foundations, discover great biomechanics in motion, learn how to 'switch on' your inner core and get fit - along with your feet!

Join in the Foot Revolution with the Barefoot Audio duo - Kirsty Wright & Helen Hall


  • Meet at The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Health at 9.30am to register
  • Optional Fivefinger fitting
  • 1/2 Pednor Loop country walk (max 3 miles) with postural coaching
  • Return to Bagnall Centre for Inner Core activation session
  • Round off session around 11am with one of Kirsty's raw food special smoothie shots
  • £13pp
  • There is no extra charge to use our demo 'simulated barefoot' Vibram Fivefinger (VFF) footwear. We understand that people are curious but don't want to have an expensive 'experiment'. Try BEFORE you buy and learn about your body at the same time.
  • Whilst we have over 40 pairs of VFFs, to avoid disappointment please call 01494 433124 to reserve your pair of Simulated Barefoot Shoes.

Guaranteed to be an eye-opening, fun experience with FEELING!

BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE for the 18th of September 2013

  1. Please call the Bagnall Centre on 01494 791288 to book your place.
  2. To reserve a pair of vibram five fingers shoes please call Helen on 01494 433124

The True Power Of Walking