Yosemite National Park

Brochure, and List of Things to do at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park (Rules)

Yosemite is a wonderful park to visit. There are many luxury resorts surrounding Yosemite, but there are also plenty of others if you don't want to pay as much! Yosemite National Park has lots of animals and wildlife, but they would appreciate it you would not litter, disturb them during their sleep, or vandalize their homes. There are rules for everything, and we like for you to see them before you come.


1. Whenever you have finished your food or drink while in the park, please hold on to your trash until you have reached one of the designated rest areas where trash bins may be. Animals will eat your trash, and the trash can harm them.

2. When at Yosemite, do not approach the wildlife on tours, the animals may harm you and we do not want you to get hurt. Some tour guides are trained in animal skills and they know how to approach the animal. If you would like to be able to approach wildlife, allow your tour guide to do so first.

3. Do NOT put regular trash cans outside. To put a trash can outside, a metal frame with a lockable latch must put over it and bolted to the ground. Bears will come to your trash can and eat the trash.

4. HAVE FUN. Anyone who is not having fun will be taken to the local doctor for a check on their brain, this is not true, but please have fun at our park!