June 2016

Some things to remember & polish our fantastic work!

Providing FEEDBACK:

It’s so much more than sharing some helpful information with another person regarding his or her work. It’s a gift — a chance to help someone improve themselves or their work, and ultimately our students will benefit.

So... please keep FOLDERS & COPYBOOKS updated (remember that this is crucial to them...if not...why have a folder???!!!!), choose some activities to work on specially on feedback comments...AND...ask KIDS to tell YOU what they think of what you wrote!

Keep a record of what goes on in class: comments, good connections, good questions, interests to develop...


Showing the world what kids have to say is a way of: praising their work AND motivating them to do more, further...


Use internet to publish, hallways, show the class, read to another class, etc. Ask me for ideas if you need!


If kids need help after school, this is because all the energy+strategies we tried are not enough. SO, please give them extra work to do at home (paper or online) with an informative note to parents, help them at school, SEE ME, and THEN we ask for coaching.

I'll be out next week...

Refer to Maria Rosa or Cami for discipline issues.

REMEMBER! Do not send notes home without showing them before ( this is always to be done like this!)

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