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Olympics 2014 (Snow-Boarding) Age: 30Birth: July 26 , 1983Hometown : United States , Dover VtHeight: 5"4Nationality : American Education : Brattleboro Union High SchoolInspired : Age 7

How it all got started........

1964 an surf freak Sherman Poppen , alot of it was for transporting back and forward. When you start something of course you have to use less materials such as wood to slide down slopes of snow. As you can see above the board progress into better longer and more safer to ride. It was created from his daughter standing on a sled originally named "Snurfing"! Creating something someone will always try to take your idea and make it better then you did. That was years later they started to add straps to the snow-board. For those who doesnt know what snowboarding is , its a sport or activity to do while sliding down piles of snow fast or slow. You can broadcast your sport but does your sport transport you.........?


Snowboarding in Syracuse NY in the 1980s

Working Your Hardest ///////////////

As Kelly Clark spending her ever waking moment on slopes of mountains being free with her self. Skiing at the age of two progressing he way to snowboarding at 7 years old. If you love your dream you have done it for years and many more years to come. Attending in High School Mount Snow Academy. Snowboarding on a daily basis , which led to national events, and eventually to international competitions. What a big sucess that has taken a humans dreams to the "World"!
Kelly Clark -My Life

Work Outs ++++++++++

Working out each day on the snow is hard , snowboarding its self is hard. Specially if your not a snowboarding person. It takes techniques to require and skills to complete. If your mind isn't sharp and your body is cold then your not a contested to reach the challenge of doing the sport! Climbing back up to the part you started knowing that it was difficulty to is the first challenge to complete.
Pro Snowboarder Kelly Clark - A True transformation from Death 2 Life! Olympics, X Games

Going from having everything ..... To Feeling (NOTHING) (((((((((())))))))))

Kelly clark coming from everything being the most important person after 9-11 she won the Olympics in 2002 . Being on top of the world , you can obtain to come down with the quickest . Focusing on what it takes to make it instead of realizing everything you took to make it! Coming from great supporters she still didn't feel loved . Kelly wrote in her journal " she doesn't care if she dies" . An athletes saying that is saying I'm ready to give up everything I work for and one . That's shocking a person would want to even do that towards anything . Sometimes people don't know how hard it is to be a athlete sometimes because they care of them selfs. Or people looking from the outside in , nothing's given to you in this world you have people out here trying to take everything you got . It's time to give young and older athletes way more credit !

The Heart To Have It ----------?

You need to spend a whole day trying it out. then go home and think about it, visualize for like a week about it. then go out and try it again the next week. I can promise that by the end of your second day you will start to get the hang of it and start enjoying it. I think the most important key to snowboarding is you have to be willing to have fun and try new things and accept advice from anyone.

Digress and compare + -

Taking the time out to tell something different . As you can see if have to picture up one on the left that I tried to accomplish and one on the right I tried to accomplish . As you can see I got way higher in the right ..... But I still didn't dunk looking back at that still gives me so much hope . Working no matter what till I reach the too and making my goals no longer my dreams .

When you fall get back up ^^^^^^^^^^

Kelly fail on both jumps , but as you can see she has gotten way higher on the second one . Doing what you can not for people but for you ! Getting high in the air is about reaching for something a goal , an achievement or maybe obstacles . But in Oder to do that you have to see how the ground is first . That's the first thing your taking of off to get what you want right ?