Among The Hidden

by:Margret Peterson Haddix

By: Riley Flessner


Are you a third child? If you are you would have to choose to hide or die. Well in the book Among The Hidden Luke a third child chose to hide. In the begging Luke was aloud to go outside because there was trees were he could hide behind and long grass.


In the story, in the place where Luke, the main character lives, they are only allowed to have two kids and Luke is the third child. This means that he has to either hide or die. The rich people, called Barons, decided that they would cut all the trees down and make more homes. So since then Luke has to hide in the attic. In the story Luke decided that he was going to go down stairs while he did that he peaked out the window and saw a little girl peaking out the window in a home that already has two kids.

end of story

Near the end Luke risked his life to go see the little girl that he saw in the window. You'll find out what happens next if you read the book.


I would recommend this to my mom and dad because i think my mom and dad would really like this book because they are into these kind of books.

reminded me

The movie Tangled because Rapunzel is locked up in her tower and Luke is locked up in his room hiding. It also reminded me of the book The Lightning Thief, because you can't break the rules with out consequences.