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Please view the tech updates and procedures for the break!!

Thanksgiving Break Preparations!

As you prepare to turn off your brain for a week don't forget about your devices!

  • Power off Teacher Workstations

  • Power off Student Computers

  • Power off Projectors

  • Power off Printers

  • Power off NUC (tiny computer behind Promethean board)

  • Power off Promethean Boards (front button)

  • Lock/Stow-away Projector Remote, Promethean Board Remote, Student Devices, and any other technology accessories that might sprout legs and walk off.


Monday we return, our devices will need a little time to power up to work after being dormant for 9 days. Try to come a few minutes early to turn back on devices so they can function. Remember to please be patient with devices when using them after they have rested for a while. If it doesn't work the first time remember to stay calm and try again and ask a co-worker for help before you call the help desk.

Hope you get to rest and spend time with friends and family. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with three outstanding campuses and meet so many wonderful educators.

Promethan Board Update

Please follow the procedures to program the Promethean boards HERE to automatically power off. Technology services' primary intention is to have them turned off during the holidays to save energy.

Technology services are configuring the Promethean board NUC (computer) screensaver to 60 mins. It will shut down daily at 6 pm. This will save the district energy during the upcoming break and beyond.

If you have any questions, please call the help desk.

Update your Challenge Questions

If you have gone into service console and updated your challenge questions, YOUR AWESOME!!!. This must be done by all employees in order to protect your account and be able to assist you if you should ever need a password reset. Click the link below if you still need to do this.

Update on Projectors in the Classrooms

Projector in the classroom is no longer supported by the Technology department.
Each classroom now has a Promethean board, that is the standard throughout the district.
Technology will only support the projectors located in the Cafe, gym (if there is one already) and the library.

Computers and Screen Savers

Please power off the computer screens and computers.
The computer screensaver is currently set districtwide 30 mins.
If any computer is still set to 15 mins, please reboot the computer.
Technology Services are working diligently to program every board remotely.


Level Up revamp: All teachers must have this completed by 12/14, if you already completed level-up 1 (meaning you received the badge and level-up learner certificate) you are exempt from the revamp course. Most of you have already completed this course earlier this year. This is a required course for professional staff. Your DLS will get with each principal to make a google form where you can upload your certificate for proof of completion whether you did the Revamp or Level Up 1.

Additional online PD

Looking to get in some PD over your break? Check out some of these Schoology courses:

-Kurzweil: the district has purchased this phenomenal online accommodations program for our students, learn all about it here. Plummer should have this complete as part of the requirement process from the leadership team.

It is strongly suggested that the other schools go through the course as well.

-Schoology and me: learn all about Schoology and how you can take it to the next level in your classroom.

Edcamp Aldine

Have you registered for the professional development that is made for teachers!? What are you waiting for! Sign up for Edcamp Aldine. The event will be on Saturday, December 8th from 8am to 12pm. You decide what you want to learn that day and a schedule is made on the spot. There are no presenters just great topics led by all educators. Want to learn more? View the video below and then click the button to register.

Schoology vs. Google Classroom

It's time to watch as you Google Classroom and Schoology battle it out for the number one LMS. What do you think is the best? Check out the video below to help you decide. Take this opportunity over the break to play with both and see what works best for you. Schedule a time with your DLS in eportal to so we can help make your LMS implementation successful.
Big picture


Starting after Thankgiving Break, you will have a new campus Digital Learning Specialist. Mrs. Ann Waite will be replacing Mrs. Glass as your DLS. Mrs. Glass will still be around, but only as STEM support to your curriculum.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to either of these ladies for support during this transition. We are here to make this as smooth as possible!

Contact me!!!

Shaina Glass

Digital Learning Specialist

Computer Science/STEM Coordinator