OCPL Weekly Update

February 11, 2015

Library Closing Schedule for 2016

OCPL 2016 Calendar as set by the Board

  1. New Year’s Day Friday, January 1, 2016
  2. Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 18, 2016
  3. President’s Day Monday, February 15, 2016
  4. Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 CLOSED
  5. Mother’s Day Sunday, May 8, 2016 CLOSED
  6. Memorial Day Monday, May 30, 2016
  7. Father’s Day Sunday, June 19, 2016 CLOSED
  8. Independence Day Monday, July 4, 2016
  9. Labor Day Monday, July 5, 2016
  10. Veteran’s Day Friday, November 11, 2016 (Staff In Service?)
  11. Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24, 2016
  12. Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24, 2016
  13. Christmas Day Sunday, December 25, 2016
  14. Boxing Day Monday, December 26, 2016
  15. New Year’s Eve Saturday, December 31, 2016

Susan Eubank

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Mahan Library

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning in the storage room. I wish I had “before and after” pictures to show you, but trust me, it looks a lot better! Thanks to Lisa for working on this.

Thanks also to Lisa for coming up with the idea illustrated in the picture. We invited patrons to finish the statement “I love my library because” and then put their answers on the wall. Some patrons said they enjoyed checking out books and/or movies, while others mentioned how much they love the staff, which is always great to hear. The most interesting answer came from a little boy who said, “I love Toy Story 3.” What a wonderful (and specific) reason to love the library!


Main Library

It’s been really busy here at Main: lots of patrons and activities. Mary Rundell is back from Haiti and getting her head around the ILLs. She’s doing a great job. The building is having some lighting issues: not coming on when they are supposed to. Susan has someone from Bill Mudd coming in to check the system. I’ve had a little bit of trouble with a volunteer coming in to clear my office of the weeds that need to be recycled. She came once and then never showed up or called. So I have another volunteer coming now and I hope she works out. Nonetheless, progress has been made and the stack of boxes is getting shorter. I hope everyone is staying warm. Have a good long weekend!


Outreach & Adult Programming

It’s been a busy month already!

We’re hard at work getting the seed library ready. It will kick off Saturday Feb. 27th from 3-5pm at the Main Library. We’ll be checking out seeds for the first time then, and we'll have planting instructions and seed starter trays available. Seeds of all varieties will be available at the libraries the following week. This year we’ve added asparagus, due to popular demand!

We’re doing a special valentine’s Gold Club Thurs. 11th (probably over by the time you read this). We’ll be making special valentine cards to send to home-bound seniors through the Meals on Wheels program.

Game Day is next Saturday, Feb. 20th, 1-5pm.

Had good meetings last week with our representatives at the State Legislature for Library Legislative day! Susan Eubank, board members Jennifer Proud & David Lee Hutchinson, and I went down to Frankfort to support the libraries.


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Technical Services

A patron called Mary M. to complain that we had deleted her loan history. We do not delete anyone’s loan history. OCPL does not retain loan history.

OCPL follows the American Library Association’s stance on protecting patron privacy. Learn more at http://www.ala.org/advocacy/advleg/federallegislation/theusapatriotact

Libraries provide a place to exercise intellectual freedom: a free and open exchange of knowledge and information where individuals may exercise freedom of inquiry as well as a right to privacy in regards to information they seek. Privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association. In a library, the subject of users' interests should not be examined or scrutinized by others.

That being said, I can understand why patrons would like to look at their own loan history to keep track of what they have read. Loan History is an option when you access your account in the PAC. TLC was not able to remove Loan History from the display, but a helpful TLC Support staffer did add this note to explain why there is no loan history visible.

Overdrive issued a new iOS (Apple) mobile app at the beginning of February. The app crashes! One of the problems patrons experience is that they cannot log in to their Overdrive accounts. Unfortunately this is happening at the same time we are having log in problems with PAC accounts and Overdrive that may be related to our TLC software rejecting the PIN #s for an unknown reason.

If you have a patron who cannot log in to Overdrive using the iOS app on a mobile device:

1. Make sure the patron has entered the account # and PIN # correctly.

2. If the account # and PIN # are correct, have the patron delete the PIN # and re-enter it. Don’t change anything.

3. If that does not work, have the patron uninstall and reinstall the Overdrive iOS app.

4. If that does not work, have a manager submit an Overdrive support ticket.

If a patron needs to retrieve a hold or wants to read/listen to content, her or she can try accessing Overdrive through the OCPL website.

Overdrive has submitted a redesigned app to Apple for approval. Once Apple approves it, the app can be added to the App Store. Patrons can then install the “good” app.

Vicki Niehaus

Teens & Main Circ

Main Circ:

Just wanted to include another little plug for taking patron pictures when signing people up for new cards or updating them when they expire. Since we can no longer keep driver’s license information, the patron picture is our only means of patron verification. When we are checking the new card applications, only about 10-20% of new cards have a picture included. Please get in the habit of taking each patron’s picture with the ipad or tablet at your desk. Thanks!

Upcoming Teen Stuff:

· Friday, Feb. 12th from 7-11 pm—Hearts-a-Glow Anti-Valentine’s Day party. This event has a glow stick theme, we’ll have pizza, make t-shirts and more. No registration needed, but students will need to sign-in when they arrive.

· Tuesday, Feb. 16th @ 4:30—Book Besties

· Tuesday, Feb. 16th @ 6-8—Teen Coffee House: Horcrux Hunt, game-time, free coffee, and hot chocolate



To the Staff:

Do you like your job?

Is it just a job, or has it become more of an avocation? Do you think you could make a difference in a service occupation? Did you know that Kentucky state law requires that public libraries in Kentucky be administered and staffed by personnel appropriately certified by the Kentucky State Board for the Certification of Librarians?

Bluegrass Community & Technical College offers online undergraduate Library science courses, which lead to the paraprofessional certification levels for Kentucky public Library employees. In addition, they satisfy re-certification requirements for all levels of Kentucky public library certification.

Library Continuing Education Brochures are available on the receptionist desk in the Administrative Offices. (Please leave brochure in plastic for making copies.)

This is how I found my way to becoming a Librarian.

Entering Western Kentucky University for my first year of college, and incidentally, my first year away from home, I was looking to major in Languages. Because, hadn’t I aced four years of Latin in high school? Yes ma’am, I was ready for the life of a United Nations interpreter. Which would no doubt get me to England to meet the Rolling Stones. (Never mind that they spoke English, too, so not hard to translate. Well, gimme a break I was just 18 and this was a long time ago.) French was my downfall and so I decided to major in English and as it would happen, due to poor advising, minor in English as well.

I took all types of English classes: linguistics, drama, composition, Chaucer, grammar, et al. but poetry was my bent, actually English Romantic Poetry of the Eighteenth Century. Not a big marketable skill, I admit. I became a Graduate Assistant teaching composition to students who failed their entrance exams to college, a substitute teacher, and finally a newspaper receptionist, then a graphics person and finally a writer/editor. It was 1969, the Summer of Love, Woodstock, and the moon shot. I moved back home to save money for a car and an apartment. Times were tough. More next time.