Rebels February Booking Tips!!

Big Goals for February and Beyond!

Happy February! Here we go!! Let's cheer each other on our Radiant Rebels page all month as we reach our goals! I'm posting a new tip each day to help you jumpstart your February AND your Spring!
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Booking Tip One!! BACK TO BASICS!!

It all comes back to the basics for me when I need to book trunk shows. I first heard of 2-2-4-2 back in July at Hoopla. When I do my 2-2-4-2, I book shows. When I don't use this method, I struggle a lot more! Simple as that. So here is how it works:

2 reach outs per day

2 outside orders per week

4 trunk shows per month

2 new stylists sponsored per month

So, when you reach out to TWO people per day about a trunk show, or the even the Stylist Opportunity, you will naturally get into a rhythm of getting 2 outside orders per week, booking 4 trunk shows per month, and sponsoring two new stylists per month. HOW? Think about it for a minute: If you reach out to 2/day (10/week), you will book ONE show. That leads to 4 trunks shows per month. At each show, you meet 10 new people. ONE of them might see everything you are doing and LOVE it. Your enthusiasm and passion for your business WILL inspire someone.

BUT, you have to start somewhere. Write down your list of ten. Mom? Sister? BFF? Work bestie? Mom at kid's school? Friend from church? Girl in your yoga class? Neighbor? Acquaintance who always likes your FB pics of your Stella selfies? A customer from a few months ago who LOVED everything but you never had that booking conversation? YOU??? Remember, you can book your OWN "Double Dip" show TWICE in a calendar year!! Why not do that this month?? Invite your 10 that I just mentioned over and put out a bottle of wine, cheese, and crackers, and let them have fun trying on the new Spring collection! Remember, you earn commission AND hostess rewards- use those rewards to scoop up the rest of the Spring collection that you want!

Write your list of ten, and start reaching out! Here are my WORDS TO SAY:

Hi Katie! I'm so glad that February is finally here! I'm looking forward to getting out and sharing the new Stella & Dot Spring Collection! I remember we chatted briefly about a fun styling session back in the Fall. Now that all of the holiday craziness is over, let's get your girls' night penciled in! I have Friday, 2/12 and Saturday, 2/13 open! What do you think about a fun "Cupid and Couture" girls' night right before Valentine's Day?? I'll bring a bottle of wine and the jewels!! I know you would love so much! My average hostess earns $250+ in FREE Stella! I think it's time we get you your wishlist! Can't wait to hear what you think :)

Reach out to TWO, FIVE, or ALL TEN at once! It doesn't matter- don't overthink- just do it. Copy and paste my exact wording if it works for you and be sure to add a fun Spring Collection pic. The best method is text, FB message, and of course, CALLING. I stay away from email as much as possible.

OK- let's get February going! Stay tuned for more booking tips tomorrow!

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Booking Tip Two: Words To Say!

Now that you have your list of 10 and ready to get 2-2-4-2 rocking and rolling, let's brainstorm some fun "Words To Say"! I'm in an awesome pacing group for Stars-To-Be, and we are getting so many great ideas for the right words to use when reaching out! Sometimes I go into blitz mode and copy and paste the same message (changing name and personal details, of course) and text all 10 on Monday! It takes 10 minutes. Just think about how GOOD it would feel to reach out to 10 THIS WEEK! Where would your business be with a trunk show booked for February? For March?

I also send the same TWO DATES to each person I reach out to in any given week. Worst case scenario would be that two people would want the same date, so I have to offer another one! First come, first serve!

Check out the fun "Words To Say" from top leaders below:

WTS #1:

Hi Monica and Shannon!! So great to see you both at Tanya's, I know you both have been fans of Stella&Dot so I appreciate that you stopped by after your event!! As we were chatting about it, I would love to treat you both to some free jewels, especially since you've shopped with me multiple times!! I think we were talking about Thursday nights-- I have a few free coming up: 2/18, 3/3, and 3/10 if any of those work! I also want to mention just because it is FUN idea-- Mon 2/22 is National Margarita Day! I know it's a Monday, so maybe that won't work with kids' activities but just wanted to throw it out there since it would be super easy to just do chips/salsa and margaritas. Of course, you could just do that anyway!

I'll give you a call tomorrow to see if any of those dates work for you, and I will take care of the rest! Thanks again for shopping with me!

WTS #2:

Hi Lauren,

Happy February! I love this sunshine after all of the snow! I am sitting her opening up some of my new jewelry samples and brainstorming of ladies to be my debut hostesses and I thought of YOU!!! I would love to share everything with you and your girlfriends over some wine and chocolate! How fun would that be? I have several dates left for later this month that I would love to offer you!!! Feb. 27th or 28th?? So much fun! I will call to check in on Friday!!


Stef xo

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Booking Tip Three: Love Your Selfie!

One thing I have learned since I started with S & D is to not be afraid to use social media! I have a lot of thoughts on this, and I love making lists, so humor me for a minute :)

1) Create a Facebook VIP page. This is a must. Be sure it is a "Secret Group"- that way only those whom you add can see what you post. I have found much more success with my VIP page than I did with my business page. Plus, you can offer fun incentives and discounts in your VIP group that you cannot on your regular FB wall. I offer "Mystery Hostess" shows, free shipping, etc. Plus, you can see who is checking out your posts! Those who are checking out everything are clearly paying attention- they go on your list of 10 for the week!

2) Post occasionally on your regular FB wall. Your customers love to see you out and about with your friends and family, wearing your Stella. You are giving them fashion advice with just your everyday routine! Rule of thumb- post 1 Stella-related item for every 3-4 personal posts.

3) Don't be afraid of your "Selfie"! I post some occasionally in my VIP group! Trust me, customers are much more willing to try a bold statement when they see it on YOU rather than a pic in the look book. I snapped a pic of the Lotus Tassel last Friday before my trunk show, and guess what? My trunk show guests were trying it on at the show! Make the statements seem everyday!

4) Be sure to like and comment on your customers' posts. You are building a relationship- and that is a two-way street.

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Radiant Rebel of the Week!

Major kudos to Anjili Kinney! Anjili posted this gorgeous pic of herself yesterday! And guess what? She is now having a sponsoring conversation with someone who loved it! And now I need the Tribal Tassel in my life ;).