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How Excess oil in the skin causes acne

Excess oil in the skin causes acne, but the food acids do not contribute to the problem, i.e., if you're an eater messy.

According the Academy of American Dermatology (AAD) , when some oils vegetables enter the skin , which could make acne worse existent , so clean up your mouth if you lose and keep fingers greasy from his face.

What about chocolate?
Scientists can need to look at this one little more closely.

Though experts agree certain foods does not cause acne, research very preliminary presented at conference AAD this year found that eating chocolate pure can aggravate acne in people prone to pimples

Myth 3: flour white wheat is bleached with dangerous chemicals

The rumor of truth: flour wheat white is discolored, but the chemicals are safe

Flour whitens naturally on your own as compounds yellow called xanthophylls react with oxygen in the air, which takes several weeks.

To accelerate the process of bleaching flour , manufacturers , making it white in their color straw natural, with safety , chemicals regulated by the FDA ( some the same ones used to disinfect vegetables ) .

Allowance a compound that caused diabetes in surveys animals , can form as a byproduct , but the amount is tiny (less than 0.03 mg per slice of bread ) and harmless , said Julie Jones , PhD , professor emeritus of consumer , family and Nutritional Sciences University of Santa Catharina . White flour is less nutritious?

Yeah, the processing strips away essential nutrients such as fiber, magnesium and vitamin E. It is dangerous? No.