Week 22 - you must earn 45 points


MUST READ: Please follow inner conversation in your JOURNAL 1 point

7 POINTS: Must do 1

  • Mollie Bailey - Circus Queen and Spy
  • Comparing North and South Economies

Activity: 10 points MUST DO

  • Summarizing Historical Information: READ ALOUD "The United States Divided" and "Texas Secedes" FROM TEXAS IN THE CIVIL WAR
    You may work with a partner on this activity.

5 points each

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Highlight 5 prefix and 5 suffix words in the paper, then in your journal write what each word means.

1 point:

  • Play Mis-Speller on the app
  • Watch videos and answer all questions
  • Make a check list in your journal

15 Points: Choose one

  • Take the online test - (Please remember that you will only get 1 retake, so USE your papers!) You may not take the test if you took it last time!
  • In your S.S. Journal: Suppose you lived in Texas in 1861. You do not own slaves. At the beginning of the Civil War, you must choose to support the Confederacy or the Union. What options do you have? Predict what will happen if you choose one side or the other. What will you do when you have made your decision? Write your ideas in complete sentences. Be sure to edit your final draft for capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling.
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