The Texas Frontier

Week 25 - you must earn 45 points

On the Texas Range

MUST READ: Please follow inner conversation in your JOURNAL 1 point

7 POINTS: Must do 1

  • Beating the Beef Bacteria
  • Lizzie Johnson Williams: The Texas Cattle Queen

Activity: 10 points MUST DO

  • Read the articles “On the Texas Range” and “Ranching and a Changing Frontier.” Write the main ideas in the article as they read in your spiral, then write about a day on a cattle ranch from the viewpoints of a cattle baron, a cowboy, a ranch cook and a cow.

5 points each

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Highlight 5 prefix and 5 suffix words in the paper, then in your journal write what each word means.
  • Ranching and Changing the Frontier - inner conversation
  • Joseph Glidden and His Invention that Changed the West

1 point:

  • Watch videos and answer all questions
  • Make a checklist in your journal

15 Points: Choose one

  • Take the online test - (Please remember that you will only get 1 retake, so USE your papers!) You may not take the test if you took it last time!
  • In your S.S. Journal: Pretend you are a farmer in Texas in 1875. Your crops have been eaten and destroyed by cattle that are roaming on the open range. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Explain why you think ranchers should keep their cattle in pens. Write about the new type of wire fence you will put around your farm. How will the fencing be helpful to both ranchers and farmers? Explain your ideas in detail. Be sure to edit your final work for capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Write a thoughtful answer to the following writing prompt Write about your favorite animal or pet. The information below will help you remember what to think about as you write.
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