Having Fun in Year 1


"People in a community work together to meet a common purpose"

Our latest unit of inquiry delves into the roles and responsibilities of people in our community, and how they work together. We have been exploring this through:

  • Trips to the North Plaza to observe and inquire
  • Guest speaker visits from members of our DC community
  • Show and tell about communities we belong to
  • Creating communities within our shared play time
  • Using mind maps to show our ideas and connections that are present within communities

Learning and engaging through play

Through brainstorming and discussion, children decided on the different communities they wanted to create. In groups they identified the varying roles within each community and decided on the props they would need and how they could organise the classroom environment.

As our unit of inquiry progressed, it was exciting to see children making connections between the different communities. We had instances of 'food poisoning' from the restaurant that required immediate attention in the hospital! Children were identifying needs in the mailroom and beauty parlour and using the construction site to build and create the items.

Thank you to parents who were able to donate different items to support these role play communities.

November 2014