Floods & Droughts


What is a flood?

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually considered dry land.
There are different types of floods and they all have a variety of factors that can cause them. Surprisingly floods can be important to the environment well not the ones that take down houses but floods add moisture to dry land , top up aquifers and add nutrients to the soil. Also flooding can be annual in some of the regions of the world for example Manitoba and the Nile. The more you learn.

Fun fact

The flooding of the Nile is celebrated as an annual holiday and has been celebrated by the Egyptians since ancient times. it is a flood that spans over 2 weeks

Types of floods

Flash floods

One type of flood is called a Flash flood. Flash floods are the most damaging and deadly as they develop quickly without warning. Flash floods are generally produced by a sudden storm that stalls over one location.
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Storm surges

Another type of flood people may come across is a storm surge. A storm surge is a type of flood that occurs along coast lines when hurricanes come ashore and is also an abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted tides. They are particularly dangerous if the coastal land is blow or only slightly above sea level.
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Ice jam floods

Ice jam flooding happens when heavy rain causes ice to break into pieces and push together to create a barricade. The water backs up and begins to flow around the ice, flooding over the banks. suddenly the ice breaks releasing a surge of cold water that extends beyond the banks of the river.

Not so fun fact

46 - 60 centimeters of moving water at rapid speeds is enough to pick up and move a car. while only 15 centimeters of water moving at rapid speeds is enough to knock a human down.

How to protect yourself from a flood

Flood precautions

In areas where flooding can be annual you most likely will need to take some sort of precaution for the flood. Step 1 don't go sight seeing we know the world has beautiful places but this is not the time. Step 2: Remove all valuables. Wrap all important personal items, electrical appliances, etc, in plastic bags. If flood occurs if you are in an area where you are emerged in flooded water shower there can be unwanted chemicals that could damage your body. and finally run(evacuate) the premises this should be a last resort as possessions will most likely be damaged, but hey you would be alive.
Floods explained