Athletic Trainer

By Elijah Alford

Career Descripton

An Athletic trainer is a healthcare worker who often performs his or her job under supervision of physicians treating athletes and other individual who substain injuries.

General duties

Apply protective or injury - preventive devices such as tape , bandages, and braces. Recognize the injury and evaluate it.

Personality Qualification

Able to handle stressful situations, enjoying being around others. Play a Big Role in the staff.

Education Needed

Comission of an Acredited of Athletic trainig education need a bachelor's degree or master's degree

2 schools of specialization

St.Louis and Washington University

Average Salary

Beginning Salary $33,840

Average Salary $41,600

Exceptional Salary $51,850

Common Injuries

Broken Legs , torn ACL's , Sepreated Shoulders often treated by athletic trainers heavily taped and iced

Person Reflection

I would like to be intrested in this career because I'm a athlete myself and i know what its like to get hurt during a sporting event. Its sucks though because youll never how long the injury heal or get better . Like for an example i had a broken toe . And the growth plates in the foot were seperated . It took up aleast to five months to heal . But it still hurts till this day.


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