Sandy McSouthers

Doorman, Heir.... Murderer?

Alexander (Sandy) McSouthers

Hi! I'm Sandy McSouthers, and I'm a doorman, and an heir of Sam Westing. I think, at least that's what his will says. Just a few things you should know about me, I may be a doorman, but I won't always be at the door opening it for you. I'll probably be driving Judges' Mercedes. I love to play games and joke around with people.
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Opening Doors. Not my thing, but I do it anyways.

I lost my job at the Westing Paper Mill, so now I'm a doorman at Sunset Towers! Apparently I'm also an heir of Sam Westing, and if I win his little game thing, I will inherit the entire Westing Estate. Then I won't need to be a doorman and live off of tips, and the ten thousand dollars the judge gave me. Well, she didn't exactly give it to me. Since I'm in this little Westing game, (and I'm partnered with Judge Ford) we get 10,000 dollars to split, but she gave me the whole dang thang! What a nice woman, she's lookin' out for me and my family.
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Key Passage #1

"Turtle had no reason to suspect Otis Amber or Crow or any of the heirs. Money was the answer. Her only problem was that dumb stock market; it didn't want to play the game. "Sandy, tell me another story."

"Okay, let's see. Once, long ago in the olden days, there was this soothsayer who predicted the day of his own death. That ay came, and the soothsayer waited to die, and waited some more, but nothing happened. He was so surprised and so happy to be alive that he laughed and laughed. Then, at one minute to midnight, he suddenly died. He died laughing."

"He died laughing," Turtle repeated thoughtfully. "That's profound, Sandy. That's very profound."

My Reason For Key Passage #1

I chose this passage because this shows that I love to tell stories, and that I know a lot of them from somewhere or someone. It also shows that I like to be really funny, and of course profound.

Key Passage #2

“Maybe he didn’t see it coming,” Theo argued. “The killer was very cunning, Westing said. I read a mystery once where the victim was allergic to bee stings and the murderer let a bee in through an open window.”

“The window wasn’t open,” Turtle said, wiping her nose. “Besides, Westing would have heard the buzzing and jumped out of bed.”

Doug had an idea. “Maybe the murderer injected bee venom in his veins.”

Otis Amber flung his arms in the air. “Whoever said Sam Westing was allergic to bees?” Doug tried again. “How about snake venom? Or poison? Doctors know lots of poisons that make it look like heart attacks.”

Turtle almost kicked Doug, track meet or not. Her father was a doctor. She would not have minded if he had said “interns.”

“I once heard about a murderer who stabbed his victim with an icicle,” the doorman said. “It melted leaving no trace of a murder weapon.”

“That’s a good one,” Turtle exclaimed appreciatively.

Sandy had more. “Then there was a Roman who choked on a single goat hair someone put in his milk. And there was the Greek poet who was killed when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his bald head.”

“Maybe Westing was just sleeping until Turtle stumbled and fell on his head,” Doug suggested. “That’s not funny, Doug Hoo.” How could she ever have had a crush on that disgusting jerk?

Reason For Key Passage #2

I chose this passage because you can see that I stick up for little Turtle, and that I've got a lot going on up in that head of mine.

My Internal Conflict

My internal conflict is that I want to get revenge on "Crow" who's really Mrs. Westing. And me? I'm not Sandy McSouthers, I'm Sam Westing. Surprise! I want to get revenge on Crow because she made Violet, my daughter, kill herself. Violet killed herself because she wanted to marry George Theodorakis, instead of that crooked politician that her mother wanted her to marry.

Character Credits

Ellen Raskin author of the Westing Game,

Kelli Giuliani playing Sandy McSouthers in 5B