Study guide

1 and 2

a. Personification: the attribution b. Simile: comparison c. Metaphor:speech d.Hypobole: exaggeration e. Theme: main idea 2.Biography: written by another person Autobiography: written by them Memoir: biographical sketch Personal Narrative:1 memory

3 and 4

3 What are plot elements in fiction? Pieces Why are they important? Tell story 4. What is point of view in fiction? Tell story How does the point of view affect story? Not true


What is inference? Infer things How do you infer things? make smaller Why is it important?so you don't have to write everything What are the 3 types of connection you can make with text? man vs self, man vs man, and man vs nature Why is it important to think about connections? so you can figure out things How is a main idea differ from a summary? main idea is main part What is theme in fictio? Not true How is it differ than main idea? Main idea is main part


a.Comparitive and Superlative adjectives:comparing and super b. Irregular verbs: incorrect verbs c.Prepositional phrases: want to play d. Simple and Compound sentences: We went to the store, then we went to the park.


How is a story told in a play form different from other fiction? True How do the setting, characters, and plot different between genres? Setting could change because it could be a new day