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November 7, 2019

ETSU Visitors at Lincoln

What a great day for all our lions. Thank you to our amazing visitors from the Multicultural Center at ETSU and the Gospel Choir. All of the students had such a great message and had powerful stories to share with our students. The ETSU students talked about having a plan, and being flexible when plans change. Not giving up on their dreams and working hard to get that dream into a reality. What powerful ideas for our kids to hear from students who, in many ways, are like them. We were so thrilled to have them here and to be part of our day today. Leigh Anne and I will continue to find ways to bring groups into our building that demonstrate the power of perseverance, hard work, and dreams in the making to share with our kids.

Food For thought

Earlier this week Shasta sent me a link for an article about Teacher Pay Teachers. This site didn't exist when I was teaching, but for a time this was the place many of my teachers that I supervised or my friends got resources. I think Kingsport has done a good job having us all stop and reflect on what we are putting in front of out students. We have to be very intentional with what we use in our classroom. We only have a limited amount of time each day to teach and we don't want to impede our growth with "cute" items that don't provide us with the best instructional bang for our buck. We need our kids to learn and grow--and the cutest font and clip art is the not guaranteed way to get that growth. The link below is the article that Shasta sent me and I have to say I found it rather interesting. As a person who never used it in the classroom, the idea of copy right infringement was not something that I have ever thought of when I think about when I see material people get from that site. What I think about is, "will this worksheet really move the students who are completing it? Or does it just look cute and friendly?" I hope you enjoy the article too. It really is thought provoking.

Go Noodle For Everyone!!!!

The next time you see Misty Keller be sure to give her a big hug! Thanks to the grant that is connected to our Grab and Go breakfast, we now have access to GoNoodle Plus for a year!! It is all paid for with the help of Misty!!! She sent this along to me to share with you:

Dear Teachers,

Great news! Abraham Lincoln Elementary School has purchased a subscription to GoNoodle Plus, an online suite of movement games and videos designed to keep your students focused and engaged throughout the school day. Check out our new Plus resources page here!

If you already have a GoNoodle account associated with Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, you will automatically gain access to Plus content.

If you don't have a GoNoodle account:

If you are new to GoNoodle, simply visit or create a profile directly by signing up here, and be sure to select Abraham Lincoln Elementary School from the school drop-down menu.

Don't know where to start? After you log in, click on "Plus" in the top menu bar! Here are some of my favorite Plus activities:

  • Field Trip: Take your class on virtual adventures to wacky locations meant to inspire interest in STEM topics.

  • Freeze It: Choose from built-in categories like multiplication, emotions, and geography, and enjoy a flash card infused dance party with your class.

  • Mega Math Marathon: Increase math fluency while running a virtual marathon. (Disguising math practice as fun has never been so easy!)


The GoNoodle Team

P.S. Questions? Email us at We’re here to help!


Many of you have been and are either using Nearpod through the KCS pilot last year or the free version. We have moved past the Nearpod pilot from last year (100 teachers) to a district license for all teaching staff. Nearpod is a web-based student engagement platform that can be used to create presentations that can contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, Web Content etc. Teachers can access standards-aligned lessons that can be used to supplement curriculum implementation and planned instruction. Some features of Nearpod that support KCS 1:1 initiative are: student engagement via digital integration, quick resource distribution, live/formative assessment, self-assessment, modeling, integration with Canvas and Google Classroom. We will be sending login information to staff soon along with expectations for use.

K-2 Science Professional Learning Opportunities-Next Sessions Begin in December

The second part of each session from 3:30-5:00 PM is optional. However, these are the portions of the sessions that will be make and take workshop type sessions. Please let me know if a list of materials or necessary resources results from the sessions that we may need to purchase.

Dates you need to know

Monday, November 11
  • Veterans Day Assembly 9:30-10:15 --Auditorium
  • NO FACULTY MEETING--moved to the 18th
Tuesday, November 12
  • ELA PLC Meetings--Grade Level Planning Times Focus on Planning
  • SPARK 3:30-5:00 Gym
  • Tenure Teacher Reception 5:30-6:00--Tennessee Room ASC
  • BOE Meeting Recognizing Newly Tenured Teachers 6:00 Tennessee Room ASC
Wednesday, November 13
  • Math PLC Meetings-Grade Level Planning Times (grades 3,4,&5)
  • Kindergarten Field Trip To the Fire Station 9:00-11:00
Thursday, November 14
  • Student Of The Month Assembly Grades 3-5--9:00-9:50 Auditorium
  • Farmer's Lego League 3:30-4:30
Friday, November 15
  • Literacy Walk Throughs (Emily, Dr. Arnold, Shasta) 8:30-10:30--Various Classrooms
  • Spark 3:30-5:00 Gym
Monday, November 18
  • Suzanne and Leigh Anne OUT (This will be the 18th -20) at Training for RP in Atlanta. We will have a sub administrator to hold down the fort those three days.
  • Faulty Meeting with Michael Hubbard--3:40-5:00 Library

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