The Wichita People

By: Shania Khan 4th

The wichita people

The Wichita people were short and had tan skin. They traveled a lot and they liked to farm.

They lived in the North Central region.

The men called themselves something that meant "raccoon eyes" because they had tattoos around their eyes.

They were farmers and hunters

The women tattooed themselves with zig-zag lines, circles and triangles.

They cooked, cleaned, and took care of the kids.


The Wichita people lived in tipis. They lived in tipis because they were nomatic, and tipis are easy to pack up and carry to their next location. Some also lived in grass houses.

A tipi is a cone shaped tent made of wooden poles covered with animal skin.


They have one chief, who is in charge of everyone in the tribe.

The chief tells everyone what to do and is in charge of keeping them safe.

Their main job was to farm. The men would go out and farm all day. During the winter, they would hunt for buffalos.

The women were in charge of cooking.

The Wichita people liked to party and celebrate often, they would have little group gatherings and have a feast.

Every time they have a celebration or feast they all have certain tattoos painted all over their faces and body.



The Wichita people ate:

  • corn
  • pumpkins
  • squash
  • melons
  • beans
  • buffalos

They always chose to live near a river, but they rarely ate fish. Everything they ate, was freshly grown by themselves.