Hurricane Katrina


I am commemorating the people who lost their lives during hurricane katrina, and also the families who lost their loved ones. This is significant because it is important for the families who lost their loved ones to have closure and to be able to visit something that remembers their loved one.

Memorials already made

  • There is a memorial in Biloxi, Mississippi- 12 foot tall, black. Represents the height of the storm
  • Memorial in New Orleans, LA that opened June 1st, 2015.
  • My memorial will be located in New orleans also, but by the ocean instead. This memorial will have a different meaning as to why it was built.
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Hurricane katrina caused $108 billion in property damage.


Left people homeless/stranded/unemployed

Monument description

  • in New orleans, LA (it's the city where the hurricane happend, & where the families have bonded at) by the ocean
  • 3 people standing ( a young woman, boy, and a man) in a circle, heads bowed, holding hands
  • bronze & marble mixed. 37 feet, 9 inches high.
  • names of lives lost carved in the backs of the 3 people.
  • In the middle, will be a toddler boy.

Why this design? Why this monument?

  • Message to the community- stands as one whole community
  • come together to build and bond with eachother over this tragedy
  • this is a worthwhile project because it will bring the people of the community together as one because the amount of lives were lost.
  • the American Red Cross can help fund this monument because of the amount of help they have gave in circumstances like this.