The once secret land

Nicaragua's backround

There capital is MANAGUA and some major cities in Nicaragua are Leon and Masaya

Nicaragua was originally controlled by Spain but gained there independence in 1821

Nicaragua speaks Spanish and is located in Central America.

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Economy and political diplomacy

Nicaraguas gobernment type is a constutional democracy and are a socialist country

There leader (president) is Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua has also isolated them selfs from other countries such as Spain due to political reasons unknown but are in agreement with most others.

Trade and currency

They use the Córdoba and import goods like refined petroleum , rubber knitted fabric, and packaged medicaments they get there imported goods from the same places as the US does Africa, Europe Etc.

They export goods like coffee, gold, frozen meat, and raw sugar.

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Tourist paradise

The people there are friendly and the streets are well maintained and the sight seeing is great, you can see big volcanoes and wander the forest and explor nature.

The first thing you should do is go surfing the surfing there is great good hacking trails and some great none hicking trials to go hicking on and definitely go volcano boarding.