My Best Friend

Farheen Hameed

What makes her so special?

Farheen Hameed. AKA MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!! Farheen didn't come to my class until year 3. In year 3 she became my friend then more than that, my BEST friend. She is an amazing friend who always listens to me. We have so much fun together, along with the rest of our group. She is always very caring and listens to our problems. She is nice to everyone and hates the poeple who are big show-offs or treats one of us badly. She was always there for us.


Farheen has all of those qualities that a good friend should have. She is nice, trustworthy, respects you and the list goes on. Farheen is an ideal friend for everyone and I recommend everyone to find a friend like Farheen. <3 you bestie!!!

By Maheen Ashfaq