I Swear

When bullying has the ultimate consequences, who's to blame


Leslie Galtin: Main character (bullied)

Macie: Antagonist (bully) "Ring Leader"

Jillian: Follower (bully)

Beth: Follower (bully)

Katherine: Follower (bully)


After years of abuse from her classmates, and thinking she had no other options, Leslie took her own life. Now her abusers are dealing with the fallout. In the eyes of the accused girls they are not to blame. They are making it seem as if they are innocent and Leslie was weak. As the criminal investigations continued for harassment and cyber bullying the girls vowed to keep their stories straight to assure no one knew the truth.

Dislikes & Likes

Some dislikes about the book was the sadness and emotion, when i read it just brought down my mood. Also the bullies in the book, the girls were very childish and ridiculous when lying to police and trying to blame other people for their wrong doing. Some positive feedback was the passion that i felt when reading the book and how strongly the author must feel about bullying, and also the truth behind it all. Children get bullied everyday for no reason and it is a challenging world to fit in now a days without someone judging you by your appearance or personality.