The Worlds Biggest War

Global Poverty

About Me

My name is Kendelle Chester and this flyer was created as part of a school project to inform people about Global Poverty. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.


“While Griselda was walking home from church with her family, in broad daylight men from her community snatched her off the street, and violently raped her. See, she had every opportunity to go to school, it just wasn’t safe for her to get there” (Haugen).This is one of the biggest issues surrounded with global poverty. Yet, Poverty continues to cause violence, discrimination (especially towards women), and health problems throughout all different nations.

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What causes Global Poverty?

  • Technology advancing causing laid off workers.
  • Violence , discrimination, antifeminism.
  • Competition between countries around the world.
  • Family struggles like divorce.
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Risk factors

  • Health risks
  • May become stressed and aggressive
  • Developing depression
  • Death

Locations and People it affects

  • Regions with low poverty rates (North America, Scandinavia)
  • Regions with high poverty rates (East Africa, Russia, Asia)
  • Over 500 million starving in Asia today.
  • Over 200 million in Africa and Latin America
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