Lewis and Clark Corps Of Discovery

By: Marco Castro

Meriwether Lewis

-Born on August 18, 1774 in Ivy, Virginia and died on October 11, 1809 in Tennessee

- Went to school at Washington and Lee University and well known for Corps of Discovery and that was the expedition to find the route to North America and explore the wild uncharted west

- He was a soldier, explorer, politician, and a public administrator

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William Clark

- Born on August 1, 1770 in Caroline Country, Virginia and died on September 1, 1838 in St. Louis Missouri

- He didn't go to school he joined the Militia and met Lewis and wanted to explore and be more outgoing and they heard of Thomas Jefferson's offer

- He was an soldier, American explorer, Indian agent, and a territorial governor

Lewis Risk's

One risk that Lewis did was have control of guns, hunting, and fishing three most things needed on the expedition but one day he was hunting elk with a little crew and was in the line of fire and got shot on the leg. This is a risk because he could have possibly died and he made it through the expedition and died a little bit after the expedition was done.

A second risk that Lewis took was also during the trip was when a person was ill or sick they had tablets but they laced it with mercury and it was fatally poisonous. This was a big risk because people got sick on the expedition and mercury went through the body and could kill you.

Clark's Risk's

One risk that Clark took was he took the money to explore a route to North America and the wild uncharted west. This was a big risk because he had a guide but he has never been there but it was dangerous because there were dangerous animals and native americans. Also Mexico sent a group of soldiers to arrest the expedition but they fought back and Mexico failed.

A second risk was he adopted the indian's guide children and put the indian guide back with his brother that split up. This is a big risk because the indian children may want there mom and they live different than other people and they eat and wear stuff differently

Why Lewis and Clark are not a risk taker

People say that Lewis and Clark aren't risk takers because they had a indian guide that live in the west of North America. But Lewis and Clark are risk takers because even though they had a guide there was difficult obstacles to come over and very dangerous animals and wildlife.

How they impacted my life

Lewis and Clark Impacted my life because I live in North America and they discover the west. They impacted my life because i learn about them in social studies and they made something really big in history and has impacted my life.
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