My skateboard lab

by Drake Karl


How high can I ollie on my skateboard?


This is how you do a ollie,you put your dominate foot on the tail of the board then crouch and stomp the foot that is on the tail as hard as you can and at the same time jump.And the highest ollie done off ramp was 2 feet in the air


If I try to slap the tail of my board,then I will go higher.


I am getting one of my friends to help me measure how high I can ollie,so they got a meter stick and a camera and when I ollie Jason holds the ruler near my skateboard and when I ollie max takes a photo while I'm in mid air and then we look at how high got.My first test I got 2 inches off the ground.The second time I got 5 inches off the ground(very big improvement).


  1. Type of skateboard
  2. Wheels on skateboard
  3. Graphics on skateboard
  4. Trucks on skateboard
  5. Thickness of skateboard


  1. area that you are ollieing at
  2. height of how high you ollie
  3. skaters clothes


I was right! When you ollie you say in mid air and you don't come back down.