Top of the order

BY. Aidan Ahrens

Exposition and Conflict

For the exposition, the main characters are Jackson, Gig, Diego, and Sydney. The conflict is that Gig's dad is moving away and Gig's sister joins his baseball team. Gig wants Jackson to get rid of Sydney for him. Gig and Sydney's dad is going to serve in the Middle East .

Rising Action and Climax

The rising action is when Sydney joins the team and makes Gig depressed. Gig gets depressed because Gig's only escape was baseball to get away from Sydney. The climax is when they play against there biggest competition against the Jaguars. They are the hardest team in the league.


Jackson is in 5th grade with a full potential of baseball. He is small but is energetic and great at baseball. He has many friends and likes many sports. His favorite, of course is baseball. He has a brother and mom that he loves, and a family that cares about him.


The theme I believe is "Anyone can do anything they choose." Because Sydney wanted to be on her brothers baseball team and she thought she could play with anyone, but no one wants her on the team.


Dialogue is used between Sydney and Gig when she joins the team "What are you doing here?" Gig says "I'm trying out for your team!" Sydney speaks "Welcome Sydney! This will be your team for this season." Coach says. Sydney felt welcome when everyone welcomed her to the team.

Figurative Language

Some language was, "Gig is as tired as a sloth." "Jackson, your like a tiger running threw those bases." "Sydney is as annoying as a monkey." This can be strong words to character to character.