Technically Speaking....

Great Technology Resources For First Grade

Thanks For The Opportunity!

It was a fantastic honor and a privilege to represent the First Grade Squad at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference. There were a ton of amazing ideas and resources out there. On top of that , I learned about many tools that were FREE and easy to use. This newsletter contains an overview of great finds that seemed perfect for First Grade to use right away. Enjoy!

Visual Inspiration

"85% of a purchase is based on presentation" This is a statistic that stands out in my mind from my first Marketing course in college. It is still more that relevant today. What helps people remember content better than a memorable presentation. These are my top picks to help with presenting information in new, EASY, innovative ways.

This website helps you make mini comic strips using a library of characters and props. Create your dialog, add a background and you are done. You can print or e-mail your finished product.

Possible uses: To introduce the next spelling rule OR use it for a sequencing activity.

Check out this website to make interesting pictures, cards and mini movies.

Possible uses: Let kids create thank you notes for a guest speaker OR let the class work together to create a mini movie after completing a unit.

If you have an old PowerPoint that needs a lift, try converting it to an action-packed visual using Powtoons. It can give new life to an old faithful.

Possible Uses: PowerPoint Make Over OR use it for a community meeting presentation.

What do you think of this web-flyer? I was able to whip this up SUPER QUICK! If you like it , check out Smore. Everything is easy to use and the design options are very appealing.

Possible Uses: promote special events for your classroom OR provide information among colleagues (like I am doing here :-))

The Write Stuff

Can we ever teach the writing process enough? I think not! Next time, consider using some of these sites to support the writing process.

Pre-Writing / Brainstorming

This site provides visual inspiration for writing. Teachers should check first. Not all pictures are ideal for First Graders to write about.


This site enables students to orally state ideas and thoughts first.

Revising & Editing

This is an easy program that allows kids to create and collaborate

Google Docs works great with kids, too!


Create 3-D books that include your own photos.

If you try it, let me know what you think!

E-Portfolios; A Great Way For Kids To Show Off

Although paper samples are an excellent way for teachers to conference with parents regarding student progression in class, an online portfolio (collection of student work) can offer the same benefits while increasing the student's exposure to technology. Setting up portfolios may be a some work on the front-end for teachers, but it becomes more of the student's responsibility as time goes on. The website below really captured my interest because it has some user-friendly elements for kids. They also allow for a pretty large amount of free storage. I have not explored this site fully yet. So, I'll keep you posted about what I learn. However, feel free to look around and let me know what you think, too.

This site makes images interactive. Which means a reading sample, drawing sample, writing, sample, video sample, and much more could all be recorded in one spot. Wouldn't it be helpful to be able to see and hear how kids progress over time? Could visual and audio evidence help parents, too? Who wants to try it?

Respectfully Submitted By: Melissa Turnipseed