Three Important Goals

Finish a mile in under 6 minutes

When I was about 15 years old, I used to have the stamina of a track star. I used to be fast and I lasted long while running. I was noticed as the try-hard of PE class because while people would walk and trot happily I would be going all out. Now I do not have those same capabilities but I believe that now that I am working out again, it will be possible. By the way, my personal record for the fastest mile is 5:45.

Finish this semester good

I have always been a real slacker and procrastinator. More now that I have a job. But that still does not stop me from coming to school. Sure I miss class sometimes due to my horrible schedule and I have to manage school, work, and soccer, and my own life all at the same time. But I know that I have to continue to do good in school in order to be successful so I have set high standards for myself.


Win the indoor soccer championship

Apart from all the things that I do, I am also the player/coach of an indoor soccer team that I run with my friends. I make the substitutions and I also get game time if I feel like playing. Just last Friday, I scored 3 goals in under 2 minutes. I like coaching because it gives me my competitive edge and its fun. We are currently in 1st place and I want to take the championship for ourselves.