Phil Eitman

Fisherman and Cook

Phil Eitman: Eastern Ski Resorts

Phil Eitman has traveled far and wide to go snowboarding one some of North America’s most epic mountains. As a Utah native, he grew up around the likes of Park City, Snowbird, Brighton, Canyons and more, which only grew his desire to take on some new places all over the country. Below, he shares some of the East Coast’s better-known resorts.

Snowshoe, West Virginia

When people think of West Virginia, they rarely ever think about skiing or snowboarding. Locals in West Virginia and surrounding states, however, know Snowshoe as an incredible place to spend a day on the mountain. And in recent years, the resort has gained much attention from the snow sports community for being one of the East Coast’s best-kept secrets.

Killington, VT

Vermont is perhaps the epicenter of skiing and snowboarding on the East Coast. And Killington is one of its prime treasures. With over 155 trails connected by 22 lifts, Killington boasts lots of terrain with a wide variety of obstacles for the appropriate skill levels. Killington is also a chosen resort of many park riders who like to take on the 500 foot super pipe that shoots up an eighteen foot wall.

Stratton, VT

Right in the same state as Killington, Stratton is another incredible Vermont resort that boasts plenty of terrain and is also known for having some of the best snow conditions in the region on a consistent basis. Stratton is a great getaway for big groups as it has all the amenities of a large resort with all the powder one can handle.

Phil Eitman on How to Bake at High Altitude

Phil Eitman is a world-class pastry chef who has been able to maintain years of creating elegant, delicate and delicious baked goods, even while living in Salt Lake City, Utah, a place where the tribulations of high-altitude baking are at their highest. Below, Phil Eitman shares some tips on how your baking skills can thrive, even when in an area that is thousands of feet above sea level.

Lower Temperatures and Longer Cook Times

Heat and vapor can both rapidly escape through baking at a higher altitude. Many recipes accommodate for the changes you will have to make when forming those creations way high up, while some others may not. It is best that you utilize lower temperatures and longer cook times at the variance about 5 to 10 percent from how you would normally prepare the food. This will keep the heat and moisture from rising too rapidly and escaping the food, leaving it to dry throughout the rest of the cooking process.

Seals and Covers

It also helps to find ways to trap the heat and moisture so they don’t escape so rapidly from the food that it becomes dry. If you are baking something that won’t suffer from putting a lid on top while cooking, then it is highly recommended you do so. Also, practice caution in what types of lid you choose. Make sure that the material can handle high temperatures properly. For example, plastic covers may not be the best choice for the oven, as melting plastic can release harmful chemicals into the food.

Philip Eitman’s Favorite Ski Resorts

As a Salt Lake City resident and avid snowboarder, Phil Eitman knows how to make the most of his winter. With close proximity to a number of resorts he is enabled to get some turns in either before or after his work day. It is a lifestyle that many snow enthusiasts yearn for: to be able to work in one’s own professional capacity yet still maintain the amount of time in snow to qualify as a daily snowboarder. With three of his favorite resorts right nearby, it’s not a tough lifestyle for Phil Eitman.


Located right outside of Salt Lake City, Brighton is a gigantic mountain that boasts lots of great snow and expert level terrain. Brighton is his closest resort, so he often buys the season pass for this mountain, despite the fact that he has to buy it separately from the Epic Pass; although he claims it is well worth it.

Park City

Recently acquired by Vail Resorts, Phil Eitman is very excited that he will have full access to Park City throughout the year. It serves as further justification for getting the Epic Pass, which once upon a time he only got so he could be a regular at his favorite resort.


Canyons is his most favorite resort by far. With the most skiable terrain of any Utah resort, Canyons boasts a wide variety of runs and unique obstacles such as natural half-pipes that bring together the backcountry people with the park riders for a unique experience.

Phil Eitman’s Favorite San Diego Surf Spots

As a lifetime surf enthusiast and seasonal surf instructor, Phil Eitman spends the winter and early fall seasons on the pristine shores of San Diego. While down there, he teaches surfing lessons for supplemental income but also finds time to enjoy his favorite water sport without the restrictions of doing it for work. Below, he shares some basic information about his favorite surf spots in San Diego.

Pacific Beach

The Pacific Beach area is where Phil Eitman spends most of his time, as he both teaches private lessons in this area as well as paddles out on his own for pleasure some times. Pacific Beach is great for beginners who get to enjoy the low to medium-sized waves and friendly sand bar below. There are also some good sets that come in when the tide is right, which is fun for the more experienced surfers.


A mellow longboard wave, Tourmaline is also great for a fun day with friends switching off on the board while also hanging out on the beach and mingling with locals. While Tourmaline’s waves may be more tuned to beginners, they are almost too mellow for the advancement of any skill; it’s all about the fun here.

La Jolla

La Jolla is Phil Eitman’s preferred spot on days when he is really feeling like pushing himself. La Jolla is a reef-rock break area that can have some large swells come through, making it not a break for the faint of heart. Phil Eitman embraces his wild side at La Jolla whenever the sets are firing.

Phil Eitman’s Comprehensive Catering

Phil Eitman is a highly-trained professional cook who has experience in a number of cooking disciplines. He has years of experience in kitchens, food trucks, country clubs, bbq restaurants and many other establishments all of which he feels have contributed to his mastery of the culinary arts. His private catering business focuses on three areas the he holds most dear.


No matter what the entrée is, baked goods are almost always a part of any special event. They are both festive and delicious, giving decoration to plates and satisfaction to everyone’s sweet tooth. From cakes to cannolis, he knows how to make delicious and decorative baked goods that will liven any occasion.


Phil Eitman’s specialty is his barbeque. His signature recipes and sauces have become a staple of his business, as they are so good that people often have trouble passing them up, even at formal events where expensive attire falls into the crossfire of sauce and rigorous chewing. Whether it is ribs, chicken, pulled pork or Texas beef brisket, Phil Eitman’s varied bbq experience offers a taste of all of America’s most well known bbq hotspots.


With years of bartending and competitive bottle twirling competitions, not only does Phil Eitman know how to make a mean dirty martini, but he also knows how to do it in a fashion that is entertaining to watch. He keeps an extensive archive of classic cocktail recipes in his brain, and also has some signature drinks for those who want to try something that is purely Phil Eitman.

Phil Eitman on How to Entertain

Phil Eitman is a person who has an extensive and varied amount of experience in entertaining others. He does it professionally both in San Diego and in Salt Lake City, Utah. In SLC, he runs a catering business that hosts private events, parties, weddings and other medium to large-sized gatherings. In San Diego, he is a fisherman by morning, surf instructor by afternoon, and hostel chef by night who cooks family dinners for guests while humoring them with his many stories. Below, Phil Eitman shares the basic elements that combine to form a festive occasion.

Good People

The amount of entertainment provided at an event, at the end of the day, is usually in the eye of the beholder. Someone could have a Van Halen concert in their backyard and still be bored; and in those types of cases, it could also be near impossible to entertain those types. Luckily, Phil Eitman has always been successful with the people who enjoy his food and stories; but the best parties always include people that have equally as valuable amounts of entertainment pinned to their conversation or lifestyles.

Good Setting

Whether it is a natural or manmade setting, it can always be tailored to make the event that much more joyous and memorable. Aesthetics matter in hospitality and entertainment.

Good Food and Drink

Food and beverages are the two elements that are always guaranteed to get people sitting at the table. And if the food and drink are worthy of table conversation, then the excitement around that event is already amplified, giving people both a reason to sit down as well as something to talk about.

Phil Eitman - Favorite Sushi Rolls

Phil Eitman is a chef who blends many flavors at his catering events, dazzling guests with an array of food that they could only get at one of his parties. With a focus on BBQ, baked goods and sushi, it is hard to find a catering company who would dare intermingle any of these very different flavors. Phil Eitman is not your run of the mill caterer; rather, he embraces the challenge and puts out some of the best food in all three categories. Below, he lists what his favorite sushi rolls to make are.

California Roll

Given that he spends his summers on the shores of San Diego every year, Phil Eitman has an appreciation for this classic roll that roots back to memories of his surf trips with his parents in his younger years.

Phil Eitman Roll

Talk about signature rolls, Phil Eitman signature classic doesn’t get much more definitive of his character than this. Take a regular California roll and top it off with some of his slow-cooked Carolina pulled pork, and you have a messy mix of American creativity that is like being catapulted from coast to coast.

Dessert Roll

Phil’s dessert roll is also a fan favorite, and often makes appearance at his events. He hand rolls salmon and goat cheese together in a dough, fries it, and then tops it off with blackberry jam and a spearmint syrup. It’s like a party from who knows where? In Phil Eitman’s kitchen is the only place such a unique creation would be conceived.