CJM Monthly Matador

January 2019

January 2019 Events


JAN. 7 School Resumes

JAN. 11 Student of the Month Assembly @ MPR

JAN. 18 Waba Grill & Puffect Bakery Fundraiser (11am-9pm)

JAN. 21 Martin Luther King Holiday – NO SCHOOL

JAN. 22 - 25 Great Kindness Challenge Week

JAN. 24 Chinese New Year Assembly @ MPR

JAN. 26 E Waste Fundraiser (VONS parking lot 9am-2pm)

JAN. 28 CJMCC Meeting 9:30am @ Annex

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Nurturing global citizens with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned environmental & nature-based education for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders & the Green Club!

Transitional Kindergarten

Welcome back TK families! A new year has begun, and TK kids will start focusing on the letter Ll. Throughout the month, we will continue to focus on phonemic awareness and expand our knowledge on rhyming words. Almost all of the class is writing their name now, so please continue to practice this at home. In math, we will review how to label patterns, and begin to emphasize more on counting and comparing (more or less) objects. We will also begin our next IB unit, which will focus on “matter,” such as solids, liquids and gases. This will call more experiments, which our TK kids all enjoy. In this new year, we will also begin to learn about the Chinese culture, and look forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year! Thank you all for your support and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! In January, kindergarten will wrap up our IB unit on holidays and celebrations. We have been having an amazing time learning about celebrating people and events, doing art projects, and learning new songs. We will start our new IB unit: Sharing the Planet towards the end of the month. In this new unit, we will learn about different needs plants and animals have. As scientists, we will look at weather patterns and animals in their habitat. We will make observations about how changes in the weather affect living things. We will read a lot of non-fiction texts. Then we will include our new findings and create informational writing pieces about what we learn during this unit. It will be awesome. Math, we will continue to practice our addition and subtraction facts to 10 and teen numbers. We look forward to sharing it with you.

First Grade

This month our Super Star first Graders will be making a fun News Year’s Resolution for themselves. Please have them share their goal with you and you can share yours too. They will also continue the PYP unit, “How We Express Ourselves” by exploring ways people use their arts to express themselves. You can help at home by discussing ways you enjoy expressing yourself, ie. Singing, writing poems or stories, drawing, painting, creating something, with different mediums (clay, wood, metal), music, and dance. We are so excited to start the new 2019 year with our students. We wish you all a wonderful, adventurous and healthy new year!

Second Grade

WELCOME TO 2019 Second Grade! We want to wish you all “Happy New Year”! As we continue on your educational journey we want to share our resolution with you all, “Let’s have a great rest of the year”!! We will continue to work on Unit 4 in Math which involves subtraction with ungrouping. During the month of December, our students learned about the 3 States of Matter and participated in experiments which demonstrated solids, liquids, and gases in various forms. Our Fairy Tale Primary Years Programme unit was also completed before the holiday break. Our summative assessment enabled our students to write about their perspective from the point of view of a character who was in the fairy tale. Lastly, our students will start our next PYP unit entitled “ Where we are in Time and Place” which is about Heroes.

Third Grade

Happy New Year! We are excited to hit the ground running in 2019! This month our third graders will visit the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont to explore and observe the skills and cultures of California indigenous people and their use of natural resources, the ecological significance and conservation of native plants, and plant and animal adaptations to habitats. The students are also continuing their 10-week dance curriculum with instruction from Mrs. Tejan. Parents and families are invited to visit their student’s class on the morning of Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 to watch what the students have learned. In math, we will begin Unit 4 focusing on place value, rounding, and multidigit addition and subtraction. We are beginning our IB-PYP Planner titled “How We Organize Ourselves,” which emphasizes an exploration of communities and the function of societal decision making and their impact. In Language Arts we will be focusing on non-fiction text and advancements in technology while discovering the value of innovation over time. Thank you for support and we are looking forward to a terrific 2019!

Fourth Grade

Happy New Year from the 4th grade! We are excited for 2019 as we begin our new PYP Planner “Where we are in Time and Place”. We will learn about the early explorers that came to California and developed the California Mission system. In math, we are working on solving equations and word problems. We also will continue our Writing Workshops as we learn how to write opinion essays. We are eager to get back to work after a restful holiday break.

Fifth Grade

5th grade wishes our CJM community a very Happy New Years! Our students are now in the final stretch of their last year at CJM. In math, the kids are investigating division with whole numbers and decimals. Our IB/PYP unit is How We Share the Planet. This is an inquiry of how people use language to persuade and influence their audience. CJM 5th graders are also learning about argumentative writing. They learn to gather evidence to support their positions on various topics. January is also the month for 5th-grade fundraising with Popcornppolis sales.