Signing up for Edmodo

For students and parents

For Students

If you didn't sign up for Edmodo last year...

Each class will have its own code so that when you sign up for Edmodo, you are automatically put into the correct group. Codes for each class are listed below. Start from and follow the instructional video under the class codes to sign up. Your username and password need to be the same as your school computer log in (student id # and birthday). There will be a parent code on your homepage. it will be helpful to write that down. Also, there are already a few posts with information, polls, quizes, etc. Try out the website and learn how it works. Make sure you are logged in and part of the group by next week.

If you were on Edmodo last year:

Your log in information should be your student id # and birthday, just like logging onto a school computer. Find the "Groups" section on the left side of the web page and click the + button, then choose join. Use the code given below to be placed into the correct class. Explore! Relearn how this all works!

**Make sure your visible screen name is actual name.

Class codes:

1st period: nffdd3

2nd period: nrn6u4

3rd period: kghmqc

4th period: 9fjbic

5th period: d2e523

How to sign up for Edmodo and use it for class

For Parents

You will not see everything your student sees, like quizes and polls, and you will not be able to post messages to the Edmodo site at this point, but you will be able to see information that I post about learning targets, assignments, due dates, reminders, etc.

You will sign up as a parent using the parent code on your student's Edmodo page. The video below will help you see where that is an ho to sign up. You can register more than one parent or adult per student if you would like. You will use the same parent code, but register as a new person.

The following video is from another school, so skip to second 51 and start from

How to Sign up for Edmodo (Parent)