Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era

The Old Stone Age and The New Stone Age

Paleolithic Era (The Old Stone Age)

  • The era occurred a from 12,000 to about 70,000 years ago.
  • This was a period before farming.
  • Hunting (Usually done in groups) and gathering (Gathered roots, berries, leaves and seeds) was the way of life.
  • The people in this period were Nomads (Not settled in one permanent place)
  • Man evolved from Neanderthals (Shorter, Stockier, Hairier) to Cro-Magnon (high cheek bones, less stocky, classified as Early Homo sapiens) to the Modern man as we are today.
  • Cave Art was common among those during this Era.
  • Technology was an integral part of the Paleolithic such as the creation of fire and the uses of stone, bone, and wood.
  • Early homes were set up in caves or people would make tents out of animal skin.

Neolithic Era (The New Stone Age)

  • Lasted until about 6,00 to 12,000 years ago.
  • People began to settle in one place (Usually by rivers and fertile land)
  • Man began to change his diet (grains and small animals were included)
  • Agriculture and the introduction of domestication began.
  • People no longer needed to travel great distances to gather food.
  • Stone, bone and wood were essential materials in making tools. The introduction of copper and bronze made things easier.
  • The beginnings of civilization were introduced.
  • Early laws came into place.


The Old Stone Age and New Stone Age used mostly the same materials. Stone, bone and wood were essential in the earlier part of human history. Hunting still was still prevalent during the Neolithic as it was essential for survival. Food processing was a major part in both periods. Dietary consumption was essentially the same. The two Era's have more commonalities than than what we actually think.


In terms of the Old Stone Age, man hunted larger animals like mammoths in contrast to those during the Neolithic. The people of the New Stone Age hunted smaller animals and began to domesticate animals and plants for their consumption and aide. Tools were beginning to become stronger. Tools were made out of copper and bronze. The people during the Neolithic were finally settling down as compared to their Paleolithic predecessors. As we can see, there are numerous differences between these two Era's as well.