Puerto Rico

Ley Futrell

Puerto Rico Political System

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, this means it belongs to the United States but is not PART of the United States. This means they have no part in the way the United Sates handles things but the U.S. is in charge of handeling the things that go on in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico's Sports

Baseball - Baseball fans are devoted to the sport.

Basketball - There is a well-organized amateur league with 16 teams and a new 6 team pro league.

Puerto Rico's National Animal

The Coqui

The Eleutherodactylus as known by its zoological name, or Coqui as it is commonly called, exceeds the creature itself in length. More than 17 different species are endemic to the island, 13 of which occur in the Caribbean National Forest.

Puerto Rico's Demographics

Capital- San Juan

Population: (Male- 1,785,171) (Female- 1,940,618)

Population Growth- 0.47%

Life Expectancy- 78.29 years


Puerto Rico uses the United States dollar as their currency.