Dogs! Everybody Loves Them

My Genius Hour

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies saved Nome, Alaska form a disease! As you might of guessed, these pups are from Siberia, Russia. They are famous for their sled dog skills. What is the source of their cuteness? Their eyes. Their eyes are mostly an icy blue, Which fits what they love. Their favorite place to be, is in the cold. Well, how do they survive? They have insulated paws so they can survive sub-zero temperatures. They have a dense undercoat, so if you have one, groom them weekly. These cute pups have a health issue just like Great Danes do. They have an issue with their hips. They also have eye problems. They are pretty family oriented, so they love big families.

German Shepard

These adorable pups are the ORIGINAL K-9 movie stars. German Shepard are the "leader" of the police force. They have the nose for everything. They are obviously from Germany. These dogs were in world war 1 and 2 for Germany. These dogs are very athletic so you might want a big yard if you have one. They have a very thick, double layered coat. They have very pointy ears, but not when they are pups. They have hip dispacia so they get worn out when they are older. Because of their thick coat, they are hard to groom.