Joey Tribbiani

President of the United States


Joey Tribbiani is a hard working Italian American. He has worked up from a small New York actor to President of the United States. He is hardworking and dedicated to the job at hand. He has confidence and dedication to the people in this country. He will be a strong willed level header leader.

Chief Executive

The president is the executor or head of the executive branch. They are responsible for enforcing the law with authority and grace. The POTUS also can give executive orders or "law of the land." This can override Congress's ideas while instructing the constituents in a certain way. The main executive role the president possesses is the power to enforce the law by making sure it is followed and upheld.

Chief Legislature

The president holds power over Congress by system of checks and balances. They have the power to veto any bills or power to not sign any as he chooses. They have the power to not enforce the law as they see fit to run the country. They have the role to oversee Congress to make sure they are working. Lastly, they have the power to introduce bills into Congress for law.

Party Leader

The president's role is to not only lead his own party, but unite the two together. This job is about not only seeking your parties ideologies, but ideologies that make the country great. The president is one who unites the people and compromises between the different views and opinions. The president is supposed to represent their party with dignity and grace, while looking to future progress and party members. The POTUS is the role model for the party to illustrate the ideal party member.

Chief Diplomat

The president has the role to keep peace with other countries. They meet with other countries to discuss policy and arguments. The POTUS can negotiate treaties as well as negotiate trade for goods needed. They have to be someone who can communicate well with other countries as well as represent America with dignity and grace. They are responsible with not having war or disagreement with other countries.

Commander in Chief

The president has the power to declare war or deploy troops as he or she sees fit. The president must communicate and work with the secretary of defense to keep peace or war with people and countries. The president must have a problem solving mind set and a driving force to get things done in the country. They need to be understanding and level head to understand when times are appropriate.

Head of State

The president is the head of the country. They are responsible for all that happens as well as takes most of the blame. They are the scapegoat of the country. The president needs to be responsible and thick skinned to take on the jobs and hate from the people they represent.

Chief Citizen

The president has the role of representing all the constituents of the state. They must know the people and identify with them. They must be able to take the heat at times while being there in times of distress. This is one of the presidents most important roles due to the fact that he or she must know their people. They can't fully represent the people if the don't know or identify with them.

Chief Administrator

The president is to America as a principal is to a school. They oversee the country to make sure nothing goes wrong. They have the power to enforce the law as they see fit. The president must keep peace and be the "boss" of this country. He or she must be able to be the leader and fix what needs to be fixed.