Scientific Revolution

Daisy Echeverria

Change in Europe

Between the years of 1300 and 1600 in Europe was a time for great change. The Renaissance, where learning and art flourished, inspired curiosity in many fields. Scholars began to question the ideas that were accepted for over hundreds of years. While the Reformation was taking place, a new era occurred that changed how people viewed the physical world. This was known as the Scientific Revolution.



How was it impacted at the time?

Besides altering a humans mind on the solar system, the scientific method was also used for new discoveries in medicine, biology, and in physics. The scientific method uses experimentation and observation to explain theories. During this time the Roformation and the ressainace men were also taking place slighlty before this.

(The man in the picture is using the scientific method.)

This time is very much like modern days. Men also create such beautiful art and are as talented as the Renaissance men. Many scientist now and even students use the scientific method to help solve thoeries. In science class we use the method to help us complete theories we cant autmatically answer. Just like the Reformation, people still question the church or any other religion. Even now do we still question ideas used from eminent authorities. As you can see, the changes made from Europe still affect the modern day.

(The man in the picture is using the scientific method.)


A new revolution, a new creation.

Time to show our differences,

through making inferences.

By day they think, by night they observe.

To only see the moon with uneven curves.

No longer a perfect substance,

a different form.

Far off into the distance,

a different thought in its form.

Questioning ideas and accepting ideas.

This is science!