Pre-K News!

Juan Diego Academy Week of Sept 21-25

Announcements/ Anuncios

Dear Parents,

We are writing earlier this week to let you know that on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, school pictures have been cancelled. We are also letting you know that your child will not be marked absent if he or she does not attend school on Wednesday due to the President of China coming to our neighborhood. It is going to cause major traffic and we would prefer for the students to stay home. If, however, you want to try and bring your child to school, teachers will be present. We have no idea what to expect. Security is very tight and protest marches will be happening around Lincoln High School and may extend into our school area.

The following Wednesday, Sept. 30th will be an informational night about Dual Language Immersion and it will begin at 6 p.m. Bring your questions as we have our PLU Mentor Dr. Bridget Yaden who has extensive experience in Dual Language Immersion and will provide us with research to prove how effective this education will be for your child.

Chocolate Sales will end on Oct. 1st. You must bring in your money on this day.

Looking for toys that were sent home on BACK TO School NIGHT with parents to wash and return to us. Hopefully you can remember if you brought something home to wash. We are anxious to use them. Thank you!

No classes on OCTOBER 2nd! Teachers have a Professional Development Day at St. Charles School. Oct. 14 is a 1/2 day with dismissal at noon. No lunch is served on this day.

Pay to Dress is October 9th. This is the day you bring 2.00 for our orphans and your child gets to wear his favorite clothes.

Every Friday we have Spirit Day! You do not pay for this day. However, your child cannot wear free dress on this day. They must turn in their brown envelope by Friday and they must wear jeans and "Seahawks" shirt only until the school spirit shirt comes in if you have ordered one. They can also wear jeans and white uniform polo with Holy Rosary Sweater.


This week we practiced FIRE DRILLS. We will be doing EARTHQUAKE Drills soon.


Queridos padres:

Nos dirigimos a ustedes con el gusto de siempre deseándoles que tengan un buen comienzo de semana. A continuación hacemos de su conocimiento los siguientes eventos que tendrán lugar en nuestra escuela.

  • El día de fotografías que estaba programado para el miércoles 23 de septiembre, ha sido pospuesto hasta nuevo aviso. La razón es porque como ustedes saben, el Presidente de China visitará en esta fecha la escuela preparatoria Lincoln y se esperan muchos retrasos por el congestionamiento del tráfico para poder llegar a Holy Rosary. En mejor caso de que usted decida tener a su hijo en casa, la ausencia será justificada.

  • El miércoles 30 de septiembre tendremos la Noche informativa de la Inmersión de Educación Bilingüe de 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Esperamos contar con su asistencia. Este evento estará a cargo de la Dra. Bridget Jayden.

  • La venta de chocolates concluye el 1º de octubre a las 10:00 am.

  • No tendremos clases el día 2 de octubre por el evento Día de excelencia para los maestros.

  • Tendremos “Pagar por vestir” (pay to dress) el viernes 9 de octubre.

  • El miércoles 14 de octubre tendremos medio día de clases, hasta las 12:00, por Desarrollo Profesional de los maestros.

  • El Carnaval de Halloween se llevará a cabo el domingo 25 de octubre de 1:00 a 3:00 pm

Sin otro particular, quedamos a sus órdenes para cualquier comentario o pregunta al respecto.



RELIGION: The children are drawing pictures for their creation book each day. We should be receiving our Alellu religion program this week.

Oral Language Development: This week our focus is on learning vocabulary having to do with our face and our body. The children are listening to stories about our "physical me" and learning songs about our body and how the different parts move. We are also creating art projects that teach the body part names.

Estrellitas: So far in our phonics program we have learned the sounds of the vowels a, e, i, o, u and consonants m, s, t, l, r and d. The children are being assessed weekly on how well they are recalling sounds of the letters they are learning. They are also doing their pre-writing booklets daily.

Math: This week we are completing our Math tubs from last week. We will begin new Math tubs this coming week. Our emphasis will be on shape names in Spanish as well as patterning using lacing , playdough to form shapes and numbers, cutting skills with big shapes and small shapes reviewing PEQUEÑO y GRANDE

Have a great week! Sra. Raquel, Sra. Raquel y Sra. Laura