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Free Vocal Clinic!

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AEVStudios' passion is sharing our gifts and helping others do the same, while positively impacting the lives of those we meet. Amanda Earhart is the studio's owner/founder. She has studied under Tom McKinney since 2001 and is well known as one of the industry's most versatile vocalists. "Tom's vocal technique has allowed me to expand my vocal range to more than four octaves - and I am no longer limited by my abilities! It has changed my life and career!" With over 31 years of Ease of Speech study as a studio, our coaches look forward to sharing the same award-winning techniques with vocalists who are serious about improving their skills and pursuing their talents!

AEV Studios - Free Vocal Clinic

Wednesday, March 23rd, 7-8pm

3700 Barham Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

PLease RSVP! We'll send you a welcome email and allow for questions.

We will meet in the Hollywood Room

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