What is Connection?

What is a Connection? Connection is when one connects; an association or relationship; the act of connecting; a link that glues two individuals. There are different types of connections. The most common type of connection is the 'love connection'. Love connection is when one opens their heart to a deep calling, from one soul to another. When two people have a love connection they have chosen to experience the first single connection to a long learning, to follow a new direction of a powerful force into the life of love. No one truly understands what love is yet we all know it when we feel it and when we experience the ignition of this powerful force. When we open our heart to the energy of love, it opens to the essence of the living cells of all levels in our body, thus opening to the awe-inspiring connection to the divine.

Connection can be defined as the energy that exists between people when they feel, share, and value the same emotions. When two people are connected, they reach the same emotional and spiritual level. In addition, connection can be between two people when they give and receive without doubt or judgment; when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. When it comes to relationships, the connection between two individuals is not just between their bodies, but between their minds, hearts and souls. Connection can't be just placed together. It is a special bond and the act of connecting; a thread that holds two people together; a knot that ties their souls; a special bound that can't be described as just anything.

Most people recognize love as a powerful emotion, feeling, one of delight and satisfaction. For most of us love is a mystery. When we feel love we generate the feeling within our physical bodies, radiating an enormous amount of power in the energy of love.

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