The religion Jews practice


Judaism is a monotheistic religion, who's followers are most commonly called Jews. The Jews believe that Jesus is God, Son of God, or a person of the holy Trinity. There are many traditions the Jewish religion practice such as Rosh Hashanash, or a new year. The Jewish take apples and dip them in honey, wishing a sweet and hopeful year. The Jews worship in a temple. One of the Temples in Jerusalem is "Dome of The Rock" a beautiful worship place for Jews. The leaders of worship are called Rabbi's. They are expected to learn both testaments of the religion and Hebrew, language of religion, to teach at the Temples. The holy book that the Jews follow is The Torah. Many Jews are required to study the Holy Book Of Torah. For the Jews, holy places are The Western Wall, more commonly known as the Wailing Wall, located in Jerusalem. The common figure to all Jews is the Star of David, resembling to what they believe in. Jews view God as the absolute one, and view him as Jesus himself.

The Rosh Hashanash song (Hebrew)

Shanah halcha, shanah ba'ah
Ani kapai arimah;
Shanah tovah lecha, Aba,
Shanah tovah lach, Ima,
Shanah tovah, shana tovah!

Shanah tovah ledod gibor
Asher al hamishmeret
Ulechol noter, ba'ir, bak'far,
Birkat "chazek" nimseret
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!

Shanah tovah, tayas amitz,
Rochev bimerom shamaim,
Verov shalom melach ivri,
Oseh darko bamayim
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!

Shanah tovah lechol amel
Benir vegam bemelet,
Shanah tovah umetukah
Lechol yaldah veyeled!
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!