Reason For The Seasons

Written and Edited By: Spencer

Space and Its Relation to Earth

Space changes our lives in ways we did not think of. For instance, we have day and night because the earth is rotating, while revolving around the sun. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to complete a full rotation and 365.25 days for it to complete a full revolution. We have two reasons why we have seasons the first being the Earth's tilt and the second being the sun's angle on our atmosphere. However, there are places in the earth that are unaffected by seasons those being our two poles. Also because of the tilt of the earth the day and night times fluctuate there are four special events that occur due to this. Those being the winter and summer solstices and the spring and fall equinox. They all occur on the 21 of December, June, September and March. If the Earth had no tilt then we would have permanent seasons and every day would be a equinox. If it was tilted to a greater degree we would have extreme seasons and a very distinct change in the length of night and day. I think that a volcano or major earthquake could slightly shift earth's tilt and change the seasons slightly. I feel that only instincts and chemical structure can inform the organism of the season. A faster revolution will not effect the seasons because the only way you can change the seasons it by changing the tilt of the earth. The length of my shadow would change due to the angle of attack of the sun.