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by Mrs. O

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PurposeFull Practice: Responsibility, Lesson 3; and Introduction to Gratitude Lesson 1


Dear McKinley Family,

Today I wrapped up Responsibility, Lesson 3, in our classrooms. This week we learned that our behavior can (and often does) impact ourselves and others -either in a positive or negative way. This line of thinking can be a pathway of communication: For instance, if your family sits down and views any of the read alouds below, you can use them to start up meaningful conversations by asking some of the following questions:

*How did you show responsibility at home, school, daycare... this week?

*How do you think we (parents/guardians) showed responsibility this week?

*How do you feel after you have been responsible?

*How do you feel when you avoid doing what you should do- what you are responsible for (i.e. feeding the dog, completing homework, etc.)?

Besides adding in new read alouds about being Responsible, the definition of Gratitude, and Parent Resource Letters re Gratitude; I decided to leave our Kelso Wheel and Videos up this week, just in case you missed them last week. Kelso's Choices work anywhere, can be used by anyone, and can help to resolve conflicts and/or avoid them all together.

On another note: With the holidays quickly approaching; so too does stress, anxiety, and depression for many. In order to support our wonderful adults through this time, I will be posting special adult only newsletters in the days and weeks to come.

Wishing you well. <3

Warmly yours,

Mrs. O (Ormachea)

McKinley School Counselor

Overview of Resources:

1. Kelso's Choice Materials: Kelso's Wheel, 3 Kelso Videos, and Informational Parent Letters

in English and Spanish.

2. Read Alouds About Responsibility

But It's Not My Fault- This is a wonderful story about a boy named Noodle, who fails to take responsibility for his own choices and actions. Through Noodle's mishaps, we learn that our choices and actions do impact others and ourselves. We also learned that, although doing the right thing and being responsible can be hard sometimes, the rewards outweigh the costs.

I Am Responsible- This is a wonderful little book that teaches young children, that they are capable of managing responsibilities both at home and at school.

What if Everybody Did That?

This book helps children to understand that their behavior and choices do affect other


Sick Simon

This read aloud enables students to understand how they can be responsible when they are sick, so as to not get others sick and to heal faster. It is definitely applicable now that it is cold

and flu season.

3. Definition of Gratitude

4. Links to Parent Resource Letters (English and Spanish) re Gratitude.

1. Links to Kelso's Choice Videos and Information for Parents

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2. Read Alouds About Responsibility

3. Definition of Gratitude

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4. Links to Parent Resource Letter: Gratitude (in English and Spanish)