Much Ado About Nothing

By Jackie Nassios


The three most important events in this Shakespearian play consist of Hero and Claudio expressing their love for each other, Don John's evil plan to ruin the happiness of Claudio and Hero's love, and the realization (through some friendly trickery) of the new-found love between Benedick and Beatrice.

The event I choose to picture was the moment when Hero and Claudio fall in love with each other at the ball. This is an important scene because it sets the stage for the rest of the play. Because of this love they share, the future conflicts that occur (the false scandal of Hero and Borachio and the wedding). This scene helped reveal how love at first sight, actually exists and set-up the evil plan of Don John in place to happen.

The Characters...

The Theme of Love

In the song (in the lyric video below) is an excellent illustration of Hero's point of view of Claudio after he announced that she is unfaithful, etc. "I've got a love that keeps me waiting" the refrain for "Lonely Boy" helps express Hero's undying love for her version of Romeo (same story line except way happier), by saying that she still loves him even though he embarrassed and ruined her good name through false accusations. Throughout the song, The Black Keys sing about how the "Lonely Boy", "came to love you anyway". Hero came to love Claudio during the ball scene even though Don Pedro acted on Claudio's behalf. This song is an excellent example of Hero's love of Claudio, even after he falsely accused her of being unfaithful.
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (Lyrics)